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So this will be the mega thread for 3D printing discussions.

Currently I’m trying to get my Ender 3 Pro dialed in.

My upgrades are as follows:
Print bed springs
Glass print bed
E3D V6 print head
All metal extruder
SKR Mini E3 V1.2
5015 dual part cooling fans
Capricorn bowden tube.

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@Adubs you were asking about extrusion multiplier. should I try turning it up?

Watching the print, somehow it prints the purge line just fine, then as soon as it tried to print the beginning of the brim for the calibration cube, the filament hits the glass and curls away from it, no sticking at all.

This is so infuriating. It worked fucking PERFECTLY when I got it, and now it’s just like “naw, fuck you dawg”.

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how fast are you doing the first layer?

add 5% extrusion for good measure.


I have it set to 40mm/s base speed.

Adding 5%, bump from 100% base flow rate to 105%?

I’m getting it dialed in, slowly but surely.

Bout to try it with a fucking raft, just for the hell of it.

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40mm/s is good

How are you levelling? Corners then check center? I do that with a piece of normal paper. Octoprint has a cool plugin that helps a ton.

I was doing it with a 0.051mm feeler gauge because the paper method feels janky and inaccurate.

But now I’m just kicking it off, if it doesn’t stick, raise the bed by 1/4th a turn on each wheel.

It’s getting there. What’s weird is when I originally got this glass bed, it printed fined. Did AMAZING first layers. The very next day, it refused to have anything adhere even after cleaning with isoproyl.

Retrying now with a raft. It seems like my printer has trouble ANY time it has to print concentric circles.

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So it prints with a raft with zero fucking problems.

Well at least I got that going. And the smoother printing of the new motherboard seems to do a lot in the way of quality.

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So, printed a new fan duct for my printer last night. Took about 10 hours, came out as good if not better than when I printed similar ducts with the printer stock.

Then this morning I print a little wire measuring and cutting jig, basic as shit 2 hour print…random thermal runaway.

What the actual fuck?

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Reset the printer…and it did it again.

What the fuck is happening?

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Just realized I never put the thermal sock on the hotend. I’m guessing the fans come on and cause a big enough drop in temp to cause an error.

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pei > glass

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I made a wire jig that should not only help me cut my wires to a specific length, but straighten them as well.

What I did not expect was that the braided wire would relax several mm into the insulation, leaving the wire shorter than expected. I wonder if I should let them sit out for a few hours before putting them into the jig, then trimming them to length?

I need to E3D V6 my Ender 3 Pro. Any recommendations on mount files?

I went with the Hero Me V6, single 5015 version.

The original post for the Hero Me Gen 3 is out of date and has errors. Look into the remixes and you’ll find one with the correct sized fan holes for the fan duct.

I’m considering giving up the glass bed all together. Although right now I think I’m having a PID issue.

Did you print yours with PLA or something else. I can do ABS but like to avoid setting up my Da Vinci as long as possible (Da Vinci printers a the pinnacle of pain in the ass)

PLA. I used this

The original base has holes too big for the fan duct screws to properly attach.

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I need a RaspPi 3B+ case with an integrated camera that I can mount on my 3D printer (CR-10S) in such a way so I can view the item being printed. Any ideas?

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There are loads of things on thingiverse, but I’m not sure if any are made for your specific RaspPi


I find it’s easiest to just google these things. I need to come up with something similar for my Ender 3.


Yeah, I saw that one and this one on there. Not sure which I’ll go with.

But I just remembered I cut into the buildtak on the bed when I was trying to scrape residue off. I cut it into a smaller piece that the case might fit on, or the individual arm pieces, but it’ll be tight.

What I really wish I could find it a long camera cable that isn’t ribbon style. Like a black cable a little smaller than a USB cable. Then I could mount the camera anywhere and not worry about routing the nasty wide ribbon cable.