A lesser blog

Ok, I am going to be moving into a house.

This will be a living blog on things I will be working on.


  • Network and security system.

  • Windows. Not MS but physical need to upgrade to double pane with a windstorm cert.

  • Greenhouse and Aquaponics

  • BBQ (possible outdoor kitchen setup)

  • Get a Dog

  • Server (game, media, and storage)

  • Solar power plus backup battery.

Ok let’s go:

Edit: 7/15/19
Network installed, security system installed and HVAC controls installed.

Need to make some repairs to my fence before getting a dog.

Not much to go into window wise found some double panes I like but this will take time.

Green house Aquaponics. This will have to wait till fall, way too hot to build it. Been doing a lot of reading tied up between catfish and tilapia fish wise. Both are good for my climate. Could go straight greenhouse to get some food going and bring in Aquaponics later. Still debating.

Would like to build a small out door kitchen. Thinking a Gig Green Egg smoker and grill combo and using Homebio gas for a burner and to make compost with. That should cover my wants in that category. Need to find a source of reclaimed wood and stone to build the kitchen.

Dog, will post puppy pictures when it happens.

Server, thinking unraid running Plex and Nextcloud. Then have a Windows VM using in home streaming. This will replace my dear bad and gaming machine. Will be doing more in home streaming testing after I move. Of course, I will have a general purpose Debian or FreeBSD VM, because you never know when you need it. Thread ripper looks good for that but will have to evaluate closer to buying the parts.

Solar that will take a while but it would be great to pair with a PHEV and battery backup. Will have to pay cash because doing it on credit hurts the ability to sell the house.

Lawn stuff and tools are already sorted so not much to worry on that end.

Link to my music stuff:


Throw in some house pics if you end up doing renovation as well. :ok_hand:

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Crazy part is the house is completely renovated. Only old part is the windows.


Last I looked a few months ago…

Solar panels, inverter and storage was still a >10 year roi. The cost for parts and self install is just a bit much. Once they’re down to 5 years or the gubbamint gives free money again you may want to dig to find some deals.

That is the most far in the future plan. And would only be after I got a PHEV to get the largest ROI.

Made a change to network ordered the modem.

I could roll my own Debian setup with ZFS, YUNOHOST and a Windows VM. That would reduce the amount of VMs to manage. Hmmmm

Would be similar to when I ran YUNOHOST and Plex on Debian.

Added a link to my music thread.

Picked up my modem and looks like closing got pushed out again…

Ok Closing date should be next Friday got the ISP and all the other Utilities set up. This looks like it is finally happening.

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Wow, we have/had super similar goals haha.

What do you plan on using for security. I have a Piper and also reolink Poe camera system. I tried hasio on a raspi and it was too complicated. I have the reolink and cams on a vlan with snort ips (need to refine the rules for poe cameras). Other than that, no smart locks etc, IMO all still not ready for prime time.

Going to run cat6 to all rooms?

Not running Ethernet at least not at first. Will be doing wireless backhaul to start off with. Going with Nest with the outdoor camera/doorbell and a Nest systems with professional monitoring. Need it to be non tech savvy people proof.

After having to bitch out the ISP day got moved back.

Router acquired.

Going to start wireless backhaul and see how it does. Might go wired if necessary

When I start on the greenhouse and shed/workshop going to get an outdoor module so I can have sensors installed and maybe some CNC stuff.

Going to take the three free months Netgear Armor (Bitdefender Total Security) it’s a DNS level security suite. Goin to test it and see how it fairs against NGblocker.

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Ok let’s do this.


Been up in my attic crawlspace. Yeah fuck running wires in it. The main HVAC truck live block half of the house. If I do run wires it will be outside.

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Outside wires hurt “mah soul”… but sometimes are the easiest option…

The joy of runing wires in the attic is you do it once… really unpleasant job.

I’ve been struggling for years with the inability to get a hard-line stretched upstairs to backhaul the wifi… New house will have strategically placed central conduits for pulling fiber/copper to each area of the house as needed.

No unless you remove the duct you can not get to the kitchen and living room. The truck line is in the way

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Well, that’s not fun…

Get the duct tape! :wink:

While house shopping last year, we ran into a number of houses situated like that… higher water table, crawlspace only… so AC blowers were in the attic. I wondered to myself how much harder they did or did not have to work relative to basement or garage units that weren’t having to fight the accumulation of heat in the attic?

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Everything besides the backyard camera complete will go back for round two tomorrow