AdminCon 2020

General discussion for the event.


  • Get list of games to play/install
  • Make sure we’re all getting seats next to eachother, currently we are at the end of row D\
  • figure out hotels/transport/rooming
  • extracurriculars?
  • Take pictures and video for all to see

Games list:

  • Halo
  • Killing floor
  • Pubg
  • Mordhau
  • Minecraft Ancapistan Speed Build



Halo is certainly on my list of games that are a must play.

Also op is editable so people can modify the list.


I have all the usual MMORPGs, though not at a very high level anymore.

World of Warcraft
The Elder Scrolls: Online (leveling doesn’t matter here much anymore, btw)

I have every shooter that matters (except Halo) at LAN parties.

Rainbow SIx: Siege
Every Counter Strike
Modern Warfare (new)
Overwatch (I know STFU)
APEX Legends

Current seats are D60 and D58

I live in the area so :wink:

For extracurriculars I’m down for whatever.

id play overwatch, but im not great at it. same for siege. I have every CS that matters but idk how much id really wanna play that. I’m not sure i’d play EFT in that environment but I suppose we could try. Pubg is an option too.

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list your games fags

To take pictures so the euros can feel included too :frowning:


add it to the list :wink:

I’ll bring my coolpix and you’ll get some shots… maybe even a video.

God I want to take my rig to a convention.

Just so I can be “that guy” wheeling in an SMA8 Magnum on a handtruck lol

Got a ticket but no seat. Waiting for email


Halo MCC
PUBG maybe
Killing Floor 2 is a Blast for parties
Gang Beast for Local multiplayer nonsense
Nidhogg is also fun
Unreal Tournement (Any of them)

I am open to whoever tbh. Open invite to @Kiaxa @diceman


I normally like to do a a fancy meal. Anyone down for a baller steak dinner?

Since I am in Dallas and I am a knife collector I will probably do a trip to House of Blades to buy something.

I will have my vehicle so whoever wants to come can.

No thanks and would prefer to not be in any photos

I can exclude you from photos if you want.

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All good, thank you.

oh shit, forgot this existed. Another thing @admindev has to get.


Should we all pitch in for an @AdminDev Forum Flag?

Or is that too on the nose?


just add the .tech


In tiny font

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Where is everyone staying at?

and should I get a king or double queen?

Depends who you’re sleeping with.

Oh lord. Joe Rogan doesn’t understand why hard coded keys are a bad idea

is everyone staying at the omni?

I have no idea where to stay.

We could cheap out and stay near arlington and drive to the venue, or stay close and walk to it.