AdminDev Labs Book Review

Hey y’all,

I am thinking about doing some book reviews for the podcast. The books will be technical in nature, because I need to keep learnin’ and growin’ and schoolin’. But I’m curious to know if you guys are interested in anything particular.

Books on the list:

  • Practical Packet Analysis
  • Networking for Systems Administrators
  • The Unicorn Project (maybe??? Too spicy?)
  • The Go Programming Language
  • Clean Architecture

I’ll do some two parters or three parters per book if they’re worthy or dense enough. I’ll mix this in with the regularly scheduled programming too.

The above look good? Any ideas? Recommendations? Topics or subject matter?

Let me know!

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If you guys want I can do Sci-Fi/techno-thriller reviews as long as they are I.T./technology related lol.

Daemon, Zero Day, etc.

Go (?)

I’m into that

also clean architecture

I’m into both

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