AdminDev Labs Rules and Regulations

Hey everyone! Glad you made it to the forums! I hope you are enjoying your stay here.

While you wait, read these rules, regulations, mandatory fun, and wrongthink guidelines:

The moderation staff is here to make your time on the forum an enjoyable, laid back experience. We strive for open communication and transparency. The items below are things we believe to be an important part of enforcing the rules.

  1. Changes will be approved by staff after a brief discussion. Nothing on this forum will change without the staff and community knowing about it. If you find something has changed or is missing, please let us know. We want to know what you think and will make arrangements to accommodate all reasonable requests.*

  2. Self deprecation and joking is welcome. Most of the staff has a pretty twisted and dry sense of humor, so it will be hard to offend us. Other users reading this might arch an eyebrow, and I would encourage you to not take the Internet so seriously. However, if you feel personally attacked or think that the person in question has gone too far, we recommend you mention to the user in question before bringing it up to the staff. You might be surprised how often regular ol’ communication can circumvent trolling. Note, extreme discussions or threats of suicide will be interpreted as serious by the staff. If this sounds weird, just know that we want FULL transparency on our rules and guidelines. You’ve been informed.

  3. Flamewars. Flamewarring about operating systems, distributions, car companies, camping gear, etc. should be left to the off topic sections and not used as a means to derail conversation. There is a General Discussion and an open lounge chat to vent your frustrations. An example of this would be telling someone to install Linux when they are asking about PowerShell functionality. We are all passionate about something, but try to be mindful of others and their personal tastes and preferences. If everyone was the exact same as you or I, this world would be pretty boring :wink: – I understand that some may come in and seek advice. Conflicting opinions will arise. Listening is often the best way to be heard, and understanding each other’s opinion will help move the conversation forward, not stagnant or push it back.

  4. Politics. Elections are always around the corner, it seems. If you are interested, passionate, or just down right don’t care and want everyone to know, discussions on politics are permitted. Fun personal attacks will be considered on a case by case basis. Threats of violence to a particular member or political party will be taken seriously and acted on. Men have been discussing the fates of nations for centuries without violence (well, kinda), surely we can do that too. And ladies, you are not exempt from the violence. Let’s have fun and learn from each other. Challenge yourself and your own ideas.

  5. Hate Speech. Don’t spam obscenities, don’t dox people, don’t threaten to harm anyone, and you’re going to have a fine time here. Profanities and good ol’ swearing are permitted.

  6. Nudity and Sex. We have a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) section. If you have an issue joining it, let one of the staff know and we can assist. Nothing illegal, and nothing in the other sections.

Congratulations. You have passed diversity training and graduated from orientation. Enjoy the forums!

Something to consider: This is a private forum with a required membership to participate. We have a right to post policy, and your membership can be terminated at any time.

* Nothing is reasonable, you’re all banned :wink: