Adubs shills Linux Mint

I know what you’re thinkin…

What even is Linux Mint for? Its just Ubuntu with some skins and and a fancier wallpaper right? Why not just use Ubuntu instead… they even have cinnamon now so why does Mint even need to exist?

Now sit down and be prepared to get learnt on why Ubuntu is for the weak and real men run Mint.

First of all, Software choices…

  1. Snap is big suck. Which is why mint comes with flatpak instead out of the box

B. apt is needlessly weird. Mint attempts to fix this weirdness by using its own python wrapper to inderface with apt, apt-get, aptitude, apt-cache, apt-mark, dpkg etc meaning noobs only have to use one command. I like simplification… simple is good. Heres the source:

III. The UI layout panders to new-to-linux users with a windows like layout. Taskbar on bottom, stuff running on the right by the time, start menu on the left, and open windows in between. A tried and true system everyone inherently understands upon seeing it. Theres no guessing where anything is. Also its set up pretty much identically across all 3 desktop environments.

Wow you’re a loser adubs, you could do all this stuff on Ubuntu or literally any other distro.

Yeah, but none of them are set up like this out of the box so suck on my big fat t400 battery. The bottom line is mint is a distro that gets out of your way so you can do things with it instead of configuring it endlessly. The amount of thought that went into the Mint menu shows. It screams everyone will know how to use this, and you know what? theres nothing wrong with that. Mint isnt fighting your muscle memory here.

having a windows like UI is bad because then people will think linux is like windows

Spending 30 minutes trying to figure out how to get the panels in KDE to do what you want is not productive.

Seriously, if you’re into Ubuntu, or you havent tried mint in a while, give it a spin. Its got a lot going for it. If you’re a die hard linux user you can still appreciate the attention to detail they went through to make it just that little bit easier than Ubuntu. Everything in the name of reducing friction, and anything that gets noobs in to linux is worth shilling. The more this community grows, the more attention it gets, the more development accellerates, and the more we can move away from systems we dont like using just because our software isnt supported.

inb4 gatekeeping because noobs get out

Dont just take my word for it, lets see what others are saying.

Download your free copy of Linux Mint TODAY


I like that I am being used as the poster child for idiot user

…thanks for that

less than30 minutes to download / install and straight into working on a google funded project.


Its not that you’re the poster child, its that you are the only one dumb enough to listen to me.

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Nice. Forgot about this.

mint is ubuntu with sane defaults :troll:



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You say that like decoration-less DEs, rc kernels and unstable branch file systems aren’t sane?



You could do this on Pop!_OS /s :troll:

nice post


j/k nice post.


The only reason anyone would have to run ubuntu is because mint doesnt have KDE

every other reason is incorrect. :wink:


Keep poking and I might make thread about installing FreeBSD as desktop os.

just kidding, I’m a basic bitch who has not managed to get x to work properly on FreeBSD