[AMD RUMOR/LEAKS] >Salty Koolaid< put on the TINFOIL HAT Edition Mega_Thread

All the stuff i find in regards to leaks and rumors for cpus and gpus will be added.


RX 3080

Are they being dumbasses and jumping their model numbers just to have a bigger number than the competition again?


it worked for ryzen so it will for navi, hopefully.

i mean the whole i9 and R9 is just that.

perhaps a more informative title, my friend?

All companies do this

Marketing departments WORLD WIDE seem to think its a great idea


how bout actually adding the topic into title :wink:

but i dont want to limit it to rx3080, because i only want 1 thread with all the leaks for amd, i dont wanna spam in 2 threads or even more. but okay, ill close this after release and only refreshes after that.

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ah I see, I didn’t get that this would be a mega_thread.

carry on my dude

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salty koolaid? isnt that just gatorade?


is this some kind of hatorade joke?


Didn’t your parents teach you not to make fun of the mentally impared?

Back to ontopic guiz

tfw don’t care about tech


considered muting, but :wink:

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The only thing AMD knows how to mass produce is disappointment


Also because not BlueForum, I would be happy to put new Ryzen if my upcoming build if AMD would get their heads out and make something close to 8600K in games. And by close I mean close, not ~50fps difference.

Leaks are showing IPC surpassing intel and 5GHz. If that doesn’t put them on par, I don’t know what will.

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