Audiophile Thread

I put this under music, but I don’t think it fully fits there…

Anyway! I watched this video and realised we don’t have an audiophile thread in this forum yet.

I have a pretty basic surround system set up and never really did much research into AV receivers and that side of audio tech. Any resident audiophiles got thoughts on home theatre set ups?

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@khaudio does audio stuff, I’m pretty sure lol


Indeed, though my endeavors are on the recording and audio post side; my playback devices are quite cheap.

With many of the common encoded formats being lossless (or nearly) these days, home theater is really about options and acoustics, rather than equipment specs. If you’re asking me, as far as “audiophile” HT setups go, I’d say…

  • Equipment in another room or closet for silence
  • Industrial insulation (OC 703 or similar) treatment around the room
  • if an AVR doesn’t suit you or you don’t need many devices, then even cheap powered studio monitors can be really kickass, albeit larger in size and have quirks. You can get decoders or an old AVR with preamp outs and run them to the monitors. I would prefer it if it were less cumbersome.
  • don’t bother asking about DACs; you already have them

Basically a mini (or lazy) studio, but less expensive, and using mostly consumer equipment.


I’m a bit of an audiofool myself. My only qualification is that I’ve spent way too much on headphones and related gear.

Don’t know much about receivers, as I mostly deal in headphone amps and DAC’s. In fact, I don’t know if I would even use a receiver for a home theater setup. If given enough money, I’d be looking at dedicated amps and DAC’s for my speakers.

I’ve had my eyes on these bad boys for a long time. Kind of end game territory as far as speakers go, but from what I’ve heard about them, they are worth every penny.