AKA weird grain water.

Post what you got or something.

Let’s go!


I’ve sperged about the local brewery at least once before, but I just had their Passionfruit Berliner Weiss for the first time and it’s delicious.


I fingered out gluten jacks me up, appreciate there are still beer options for me


i dont like most pilseners since they only taste thin and weak, im more of a darker beer kinda guy although hefeweizen is too much i guess because of the amount of yeast in it.

when dining out:

thats some tasty stuff, but needs to be cooled at room temperature that stuff is horrible.

for at home use when i need to have a beer:

its a bitch ass pilsener with 2,7% alc but sorta low in carbs so i go for that.

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I like Sierra Nevada. I learned about it because of Zakk Wylde lol. Tried it, liked it, and it grew on me even more after that.

Got their sampler package a while back and their Rye beer is superb. Didn’t care for their season/citrus stuff.

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How about beer + other?

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