Brexit Extravaganza

  1. October 2019 is the date the UK is set to leave the European Union.

Deal or no deal?

The current main event going on is selecting a new leader of the Tory party who will also become the next prime minister.

The two candidates had their one and only debate yesterday.

The winner will be selected by votes from members of the Tory party.

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My personal opinion is Jeremy Hunt is another Theresa May, and I fully expect Johnson to win this as the Tory members have made clear they want Brexit no matter what (except Jeremy Corbyn being PM).

I don’t understand how the brits do their elections for PM. Can someone explain, or link to an explainer?

Generally the leader of the biggest party becomes PM.
This time the Tories are just voting for who will be their new leader as Theresa May(current pm) stepped down after failing to deliver Brexit.

Ah, okay.

So are there two Tory candidates, or is it pretty much just a coronation?

Yep, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt.
There were more but they quickly narrowed it down to two.

Tory members(about 160k people) are now in the process of voting and results will be out on the 23rd of July.

Wait, the vote takes place over two whole weeks?

Damn. If that doesn’t give an opportunity for voter fraud, I don’t know what does.

Either way, I do hope they exit no deal, but I’m doubtful of it. Tides are turning against the globalists, but it’s not fully our victory yet.

If Johnson wins chances of that certainly increase.

Not entirely sure how that process works, I belive members are sent a voting slip which is filled out and returned.

Ah, that makes sense, I guess.

I should watch that debate when I get a minute.

This is what I fear will be happening.

We discussed quite long in company meeting about Brexit and it’s possible outcomes, and my boss said it’s impossible to prepare for the full downfall if there’s no deal. There’s just so many things to consider it’s impossible task to take everything into account.

I don’t wan to be negative nancy about this but only in logistics this is going to be one big shit show whether we have a deal or not.

And I’m not convinced no deal Brexiteers fully understand what it entails if UK leaves with no deal and falls completely out of the EU institutions, customs union, etc.

Hmm wonder if it goes no deal if Spain will sperg out more over Gibraltar.

I’m fairly certain they do. The leaving all of the EU institutions is kind of the point.

I think a lot are just willing to take the hit a no deal would cause.

Unlikely to be a hot topic, Catalonia is the cauldron in Spain atm.

Although, Madrid might want to shift that focus over to Gibraltar instead. :thinking:

It is. What I mean is have Brexiteers thought out how to deal with the Irish border, which most likely is going to be hard border with customs checkpoints and what not in the case of no deal.

What to do with the customs duties, tarifs etc. for the imports UK is pulling from EU (out of all UK imports over 50% are coming from EU market). How about possible tariffs all UK exports to EU might have? Do buyers in the EU want to pay the increased prices that customs duties will bring to the UK goods, or do they look cheaper alternatives from elsewhere. Currently out of the UK exports about 40% are going to other EU countries.

Trade numbers pulled from here:

There’s lot of pros Brexiteers are listing that will be beneficial in the long run, but tbh they are as problematic and “big ifs” as are all the cons involved in no deal situation.

And just to clarify most of my pessimism towards Brexit comes from my work experience. I just see daily how much easier the trade is with other EU countries because others are playing with the same rules.

To be honest the chaotic evil inside me want’s to see the outcome of no deal, just out of curiosity. :smiley:

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We are here for the show. Hopefully that hit will wake up UK as currently they still think they can be somebody if they are on their own.

No-deal probably means Scotland leaves UK, but that doesn’t seem to bother Englishmen all that much.

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They be laughin now but every time Scotland decides to leave England realizes how much money they will loose from loosing Scottish petrol.

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Yeah, but think of all the barfights

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