Cloud Operations

Welcome Back – AdminDev Labs 2.0

Vacation in Little Rock

  • Cregeen’s Irish Pub
  • North Bar
  • Dos Rocas Beer and Tacos

Building a new Battlestation

  • AMD 3800X

The Desire to Quit

  • Imposter Syndrome
  • The root of the situation
  • A governing body
  • Licensing

Continuing Education

  • Discipline
    • Practice like you would pushups or programming
    • Review, remind, remedy

Cloud Operations

  • Jack of all trades, master of some
  • Gunslinger/Knight
  • Understanding the needs of the business
    • Financially responsible
    • Time awareness
  • Right tool for the job
    • Software
    • Networking
    • Systems
      • Containers vs servers vs orchestration vs Infrastructure as Code
  • Knowing the providers

The fascism is strong with these ones.


I don’t get it. I think the idea of an I.T. Guild sounds cool. But having a certified board reviewing my networks or routing tables or database scripts is very… weird.

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Just finished listening and I would suggest so slow down on the coke or amphetamines and additionally separate the “Tech” Topics from the more “social” or “personal” topics.

Other than that: Great listening as always!

I think I would like to prepare some notes and follow up on the “imposter syndrome” topic from a different perspective if you wouldn’t mind.

Keep it up! :100: :fire:

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Yeah, I went into it pretty heated lol.

Appreciate the feedback!

Part II – No Tangents Allowed :wink:


“First part” oh yeah, serverless, microservices, aws lambda - totally gotta look into that.

“second part” ELK stack, yeah i know that shit, fucking elasticsearch indexing and log-aggregating voa logstash, kibana as a log-frontend for multi-tenant systems - looking at querying indeces of elasticsearch

GOOD JOB! GOOD EPISODE! :fire: :100:

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Thanks man, glad you liked it. Yeah, I only know the AWS stuff because of the DevOps cert lol. Never touched it outside of that :joy:

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