Devember Challenge

My Promise

  • New site
  • Golang web server
  • Better aesthetics

SysOps Too

  • Make time for yourself
  • 1 hour is all it takes
  • 30 days to form a new habit
  • Don’t fail on your “New Years Resolution”

Next Epsidoes

  • Josh Duffney
  • Mike Levan

Good advice, but you should be less apologetic about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I too wanna scratch CS itch, specifically “advanced” data structures and algos. That shit really helps in programming. As I mentioned I too wanna try Go, so maybe I’ll implement those DS in Go. Although I really wanna expand my C lib.

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Oh and I also need to clean my VPS, maybe re-spin it on Debian, so my home servers and VPS are the same distro. And maybe set up reverse proxy or something like that for my nextcloud. Need to prioritize this stuff, and get on it.

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Lmao yeah for sure. As I was saying it I imagined some angry e-mail about how this person was an alcoholic and battled with addiction their whole life and their family all died in December so they can’t bring themselves to exert any effort or make goals in December and how dare I… So I stammered and stuttered through that whilst trying to not get angry at the world :joy: :rofl:

Definitely gonna go down that road. Probably going to do a four to six part series.

That sounds like a fun project :+1:

You have a whiteboard? That’s what I use at home. Whenever I go into the office I look at and see how far behind I am (not at all, usually :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ). It helps me plan my gaming/forum time around busting ass. I get around 4 hours of “good work” in a day, which is fine by me.

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Want to use nextcloud’s calendar and log all the stuff, so I can build a habit. Also pen and paper is always with me.

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That’s awesome man, good luck!

Same, I have a little notebook that’s the size of my hand that I jot on the fly notes into. Have composition notebooks and moleskine journals all laying around with application ideas, CS notes, podcast notes, and flowcharts and shit lol.

Also, checkout “The Go Programming Language” book. I think you’ll like its style. Written in the spirit of “The C Programming Language”. Very straightforward, almost dry with how little/no fluff it has.

Also Kernighan!

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I have a moleskin journal thing too, I already used one up after year of working, it was my work scratchpad basically. I find it faster to write pseudocode by hand, or draw DS visualizations.

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Oh and hey, fun fact


Learned about this the other day. I believe “off” also works.

Nice, they’re so cool. I feel hipster af when I use mine.

OMG this or architecture. I drew out how ELK works because these people kept telling me to do shit through Elasticsearch when what they wanted only worked via Logstash.

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I remember reading about that and people said that it fucks up the runtime? So it’s good if you’re doing bare-metal or systems stuff where you do everything by yourself, but not “regural” applications?

Might be wrong, this is broken telephone.

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I also hand compiled shit into my tiny VM script lang there, that was fun lol. The first few times…

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It shouldn’t. A lot of Go users claim that your program will run slower because your GC won’t be the “optimal” GC. Take that how you will.

If you read the runtime docs (the entirety of the link I sent) it should go into how to tune GC. I think they are opposed to disabling it completely because they think they did it better lol. I think it’s ripped from Java’s source.

Lol yeah, I have a few processes that are like that. Doing it by hand to make sure I know it and then I just make a tool to do it for me.

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but what if I won’t have any GC?

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That I really don’t know :frowning: I’m not experienced enough with Go and the variables set around the the architecture to know how performant it is (or isn’t, lol).

GC will always introduce hitches, no matter how good it is, so when you don’t need it, it’s better to not have it at all. AFAIK, many Go features rely on runtime, and runtime relies on GC, but

So I don’t claim this is how it is, just what I heard/read/think.

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