DevOps and Infrastructure

Cloud vs Data Center

  • Cloud is not synonymous with success
  • Hidden costs
  • Balance and scale
  • Provisioning for the DC
    1. VMware
    2. KVM

Load Balancing

  • At the server level
  • At the data link layer
  • At the network (routing) layer
  • LB Technology
  • Configuring Nginx
  • Configuring HAProxy
  • Configuring AWS Elastic LB


  • Pools (VMware Load Balancing – RoundRobin or Least Connections)
  • Through the cloud (AWS Example)
  • Through the DC (VMware Example) (vRealize + NSX)
  • Manually intervening (Monitoring, scripting, service accounts)

Load Testing

  • Point of load testing
  • Locust (Python Framework)
  • BlazeMeter (subscription)
  • Siege (Linux package)

Infrastructure as Code

  • Terraform
  • Ansible
  • CloudFormation

Went longer than I wanted and COT DAYUM is VMware expensive!


If you need to get VMware certified, you should hope to God that the company that you work for pays for it. I heard that it was some ridiculous sum of cash to go all the way through those cert programs.

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Vmware is fast becoming a meme


“grasps for relevance” is a pretty stinging endorsement/indictment… but that’s the truth in a container, KVM, Zen world world, the “VM” nut has been cracked. Now its management of those objects that’s value add and there they are with the “proprietary” fungible tech that needs to play nice with the open tech. VMware is shifting from solution to problem in that context of interoperability.


Lol I love ServeTheHome – They’re what really ripped into that SuperMicro “”“breach”"". They also have the most savage titles apparently :joy:

Also, I agree with the headline and your assessment. They seem to be the Microsoft of the Hypervisor world and charging for every bell and whistle that they can think to invent and claim innovation to. When I was looking at doing a lab for the podcast, the cost of the hardware I needed was nothing compared to what VMware charged. I was shocked. AWS bills are cheaper lol.