DevOps in the Microsoft World

Talking DevOps with Microsoft today. Special guest Michael Levan, a DevOps professional and Cloud Engineer.

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What is ARM?

ARM is a configuration management tool that has a JSON syntax. It allows you, in a programmatic way with the use of functions to write your software-defined-infrastructure. These functions are anything from concatenating to creating random values. You define your infrastructure by calling certain API’s for your resources. These API calls are for anything from VMs to storage accounts to function apps.

ARM is a configuration management tool much like Ansible and Chef.


What is AKS?

AKS is an Azure-hosted Kubernetes service. This service allows you to tie your Kubernetes micro-service infrastructure into Azure. Azure hosts the master node for you (where the Kubernetes API is) and allows you to manage your workers.


What is Azure?

Azure is a cloud based platform to host your infrastructure vs using standard on-prem.

Azure DevOps

What is Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps is an entire toolset of DevOps tooling. Azure DevOps can also be used to deploy things in ESXi and AWS. Despite the name, it’s not just for Azure. Azure DevOps is comprised of;

A ticketing system

A wiki



Test plans

Azure Repos (Like Github)


What is PowerShell?

PowerShell is a programming/scripting language that is used to automate your deployments. Anything from building Docker settings to deploying VMs to building full-fledged automation solutions for your entire infrastructure

.NET Framework

What is the .NET Framework?

The .NET framework is what is under the hood of PowerShell. Because of this, you’re able to use assemblies (DLLs), namespaces, classes, and methods of the .NET framework to incorporate into your automation-based PowerShell tooling


What is Git?

Git is a distributed version control system to track your source code (commits, pushes, pulls, history, etc.) of your Dev, UAT, and Production code base.

Github/Azure Repos

What is Github/Azure Repos?

This tooling is where you store your source code and use Git to interact with your source code (for DVC)


What is VSCode?

VSCode is an IDE/script editor to write your code. VSCode also has extensions that allow you to tie into services from Azure to PowerShell to Python to YAML etc.


Bro, I need a link to ARM. Can’t seem to find it from a quick search.

EDIT: Oh, wait, is it an Azure service?

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Great episode and yeah I also thought that Mike was deploying to arm devices. Took me awhile to realize he meant Azure Resource Manager.


Yeah, Azure Resource Manager.


Lol yeah I felt dumb af

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