Digital Nomad/Technomad

I always thought living mobile in a tricked out small to medium size rv, with all the high tech comforts I could want, to travel the country. I love being out doors and in the mountains as much as I love computers, data hording and being connected.

Been thinking about doing just that for some time now, and while I wouldn’t be able to do anything like that for a few years, would love to know if anyone currently is or previously been what is being called a Digital Nomad/Technomad. (This NODE article got me looking into the whole idea again)

Do you have any tips/ideas to pass along?

What has been the hardest thing or biggest drawback to you while doing this?

If you never tried to do this, what are your thoughts on the idea?

Would you try it, and if so why?


I have thought about this too, a guy I worked with did this for two years or so (mostly the RV part, not so much the tech part)

I want to give it a shot during my lifetime.


same, a minimum I would like a small van for extended road trips or weekend getaways that has a good set up.

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I’m very minimalistic so just for me personally it wouldn’t be a problem.
My better half might be more opposed to it tho :sweat_smile:


That is pretty doable. If you get a conversion van you can turn it into a RV on the cheap. Bonus points if you use a 4x4 van, then you can overland in it.

There are super minimalist digital nomads who one bag travel for a year plus. RV/van should be easier than that.

They also make pop tops tents for jeeps as well.


Something I have seen people do is get a membership to a gym for the showers and exercise. Cheaper in many cases than paying for the water for the RV.


Seen that too, one of the best strategies for saving money for sure

You can stay on federal land for 14 days straight. Or do the old Walmart parking trick.

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not too many are letting people do that out west now

Tons of Federal land out west though.

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Some other forums are moderated from WM parking lots. :wink:

LTE will get reeeeeeal spotty as you get away from the coasts and/or major roads.

Sat-internet will keep you connected, but at a cost. In the middle latitudes, the next few years are supposed to bring a large increase in LEO satellites that should improve the market, but… bleeding edge and knowing people who’ve lived off Hughesnet and the like… they are generally NOT satisfied customers.


What’s the trick? Local Walmart here has an RV section in the back of the lot. Or is that it?

Our neighbors lived in a converted (full size) school bus for a year or two, and they loved it up until they got pregnant. Another friend of mine has had a couple RV/vans for extended travel and remote work. It worked ok for him, but his destination was far enough that the fuel cost more than plane tickets would have; suffice it to say your mileage may vary.

Pretty much that. Van life vs one bag travel is a matter of taste.

If staying in NA it is pretty attractive because it cuts down on lodging.

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