European Linux User Group

Boys and girls ( or whatever gender ) from Europe, this is the official vLUG Europe or for short VLUGE ! ( yes it sounds posh, but we Europeans like posh so shush about the name )

I summon every European linux user I know here to the first VLUGE ever.

@rgk @BookrVII @even747

Lets organize bois first we should choose a date and time.

that’s it, i am making Eastern European LUG


That was put for you my friend. I am not sure where should I qualify you to …

you have been all around the “spectrum” in your comments so I am taking the safe bet.

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oh right, am apache attack heli, right. thanks


Whatever you want to be. This is the motto of Europe after all !

@rgk who else is European in here ? @MFZuul you can join our group even though you are not Euro.

@BirdoBaggins come on I know you were writing something funny …

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You guys don’t want to just try and reschedule so we can do it together?


No Euro and USA are at war !!! ( I am mainly joking btw, just in case you take me seriously )

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Just join the NA one, we have oil

Wait what ? Europe has more oil than USA ( a wild claim ) @tsk can confirm ?

Damn boi, we are changing the region, from now on it’s Eurasian Lunix User Group. This way we include Asian countries and beat you at oil !

gtfo oillet

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That is the obvious solution I was just about to propose.


what would you like to talk about? maybe on of can sacrifice himself / herself / whatever gek is rn and represent ELUG on his show?

timezones are a social construct

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Okay possible topics are -

Diversification of the Linux community.
How to get more whamen to join Linux ?
At what age converting kids to Linux is not considered a rape ?

With the chosen time frame for the show only a USA fag like @BirdoBaggins would be available to represent us.

Torvalds may have been born in Finland, but hes American now

so if ur gonna use our american os u better join our american group and ur gonna have to speak american with us

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you mean English ? The language from England ?

American is like English but we spell color differently and have different words for things

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In this case I do not wish to be associated with ELUG anymore.

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