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Here is to discuss things regarding firearms whether they are real or replicas. Utilities includes items like hand tools or EDC related things. Cutlery is self explanatory. Kommando talk is your stereotypical teotwawki discussion of everything from firearms training to harassing every person know to get a concealed pistol license/ccw etc and why m81 woodland is best camo.



Do you mind if I move this to the Archery/Firearms section? Although, I think this is a bit broader and scope than that. :thinking:

i didn’t scroll down to see other categories


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What do y’all use for EDC bags? I have a Hak5 pouch that has some flashlights, a lock pick set, an extra 15 round magazine (full), two solar powered phone charger (replaceable adapters), and two knives.

I also have a Samsonite backpack with some paracord, my Steyr, my S&W MP Shield, and a small tool kit.

Been thinking about getting something like this for directions, leaving notes/landmarks, etc.

dont use a bag because I always wear tan cargo pants

got a p2mt in my pocket with leatherman wave pilot g2 pen and olight s2r baton 2 flashlight

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Oh nice. For $26 that’s not bad. I never thought of minimal solutions for this sort of thing.

I do need less baggage (in more ways than one, lol).

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lesser put me on to them, made to order by hand.

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Skinth is the shit. If didn’t have to carry two phones I would be rocking that.

Makes getting ready way faster.

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oi, you got a loicense for thaht


Speaking of… Anyone got a CCL/CHL/CWL?

The class for my Texas Handgun License wasn’t as dull as I thought. They made it as entertaining as they could while still remaining in compliance, I imagine.


Today’s EDC and what I have been using for a while.

I do rotate the knives and CC when I am not at work

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got one but some mi legislators are looking into constitutional carry (removing need for loicense)

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I thought about it but I havent taken it yet. Havent really seen the need or had the desire. I’m kinda road ragey too so I figure maybe its best if I didnt.

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CCL in the Republic of Texas too

My class was mainly soccer moms, LOL.

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I think Texas tried visiting that once. People showed up to Austin with peni on their heads :confused: Not sure wtf that had to do with firearms and 2nd Amendment.

We did get Campus Carry though /rekt

mmm sabenza, been carrying my 0393 a lot lately

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I was shocked. Ours had a ton of first time shooters.

It’ll kill the tendencies in a lot of people, believe it or not.


I told myself I wouldnt be one of those assholes on a motorcycle too… I am one of those assholes now.

I might consider it but I am not fucking carrying a g19 and I would have to lose weight because it just sounds uncomfortable.

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It is a strange knife underwhelming when you get it but really grows on you the more you use it.

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Alien Gear. Check 'em out :wink: