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taking the microtech for a spin today


Have a full deck of cards. Gonna have to get a new one shortly for the new state. What a pain. At least if they are going to require this BS then once you have it remove all NFA BS. But mostly shall not be infringed. Reading is fundamental.

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I was kind of disappointed to see that it has to be renewed. Easy as pie, and not very expensive, but a hassle because it involves going through the bloated paper system.

The Class III thing I find absolutely absurd. I’ve not gone through it in a while, but going up to the police station to get someone to sign off on my character, when they don’t even know me :roll_eyes:

Yep… stamp collection to go with card collection. New state requires notifying state PD if you bring in MGs so i have to figure that out.

I thought ATF removed PD sign off on form 1/4 but its been a while for me.

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At least you don’t live in the People’s Republic of California.

We need to do our classes, have multiple interviews with the Sheriff, then wait 9-12 months for our card to show up.


I plan on getting mine sometime this year

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Go get it

Definitely get one.

I’m in the process of going through mine… It’s a pain in the ass here. What’s funny is it’s easier to get out of state than it is to get one in my hometown.


Leaving a similar situation… after some lawsuits its not quite that bad in MA, but still a pain and then after all that trouble, they nanny you to death with pointless limitations on what you can buy.

Federal Courts here are busted… almost as bad as the state courts - absolutely unwilling to look past their programming to the meaning of Due Process and the Constitution. Even basic things like not allowing the state to have secret regulations gets the “but gun” treatment.

I shit you you not, there are unpublished regulations and when we asked a judge to force them to publish them, they tossed the case “because gun”.


Did some handgun drills at the range yesterday. Also got my SKS out for the first time in a long time.

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I’m going with my best friend and his fiancee Saturday. I’m probably buying a new handgun. Trying to decide between the Glock 19 and the CZ SP-01.

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I’m a sucker for DA/SA and I almost bought one of those



It’s nice, and it’s on the roster…

Fuck the roster.

I’m strongly considering ordering this tonight

CZ or bust.

Glocks are for normies.

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Have you looked at the CZ-P07 or P09?

[screams in perfection™]


Not on the Big Brother Approved List of Super Evil Child Killing MachinesTM

I could buy one on the gray market, but they’re super expensive.

oh, you live in commiefornia