Gaming on Linux

Gaming on Linux

The Bad

  • Tedious
  • Lot of moving pieces (Wine? Lutris? Proton?)
  • Misrepresenting what it is
  • Still needs some work

The Good

  • Surprisingly well done (Lutris)
  • With proper graphics settings and game settings, “it just works!”
  • Error reporting
  • Audio

Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix

  • Really wanted to love it
  • Blank and bare
  • Weird graphics anomalies

Computer Science Series Update

  • Learnin’ myself
  • Playing with C
    • Data types and variables
    • Arrays
    • Decision
    • Loops
    • Functions
    • Pointers
    • IO/Reading/Writing
    • Abstract Data Types (some C++ AWW YEAH)

Post Basics

  • Linux memory
  • Linux processes
  • Multithreading
  • Filesystems
  • OS design and development

Thats it, im unsubscribing

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In this episode I also discuss the Battle-Eye and EA nonsense, and how I acknowledge it’s not the fault of Linux. However, that still makes Linux Gaming not the most viable alternative.

I don’t want to take anything away from the dev team, but I was unimpressed with it. Next year or two it’ll probably be legit.

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You’re just mocking me because I like mint

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Lol that’s actually what I compare it to initially. Mint has more out of the box than Ubinnamon.

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i get the feeling that im going to “umm actually” at most of this

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Maybe. Battle-Eye is definitely not viable. Largely dependent on the distribution, maybe? I had success across Mint, Debian, and Arch Linux.

Arch was the easiest.

It should be fairly distro independent. most games just work, are a pain but eventually work (faudio bugs, ffmpeg packaging, missing deps), or never work (anticheat)

umm actually its clearly all facts and not his opinions.

some games just have weird quirks, like warframe if you run it with proton will crash after 5 minutes if no controller is plugged in (solved by just running xboxdrv in the background) though oddly it doesnt do this if you dont run the game through steam.

We should agree, then :thinking:

MFFTFY :wink:

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my opinions are facts

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Then, factually, we should agree :grin:

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So, I’ve been too busy to play with this for… um… a while…

What’s the absolute state of getting around anti-cheat (not to cheat, but to run a VM at all) by using a VM running win10?

In the past, the flags thrown to qemu required to run nvidia drivers solved this issue. Are they detecting VMs beyond this now?

i havent said um actually yet, but im still listening

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Not sure about this. On native Linux via Lutris/WINE I got rekt on Escape from Tarkov by Battle-Eye. Some folks that play EA Origin are getting banned for “cheating” due an unrecognized host. I’m not sure if folks running in VMs are getting popped too.

We are at 1(one) um actually but ill wait to see if its addressed

Birdo: We are at 1(one) um actually but ill wait to see if its addressed