Hey guys! I'm new

There’s no off topic so i chose music. Sing to the tune of bohemian rhapsody as you read, thanks.

Is this a nice forum? or is this just a piece of crap… caught in a basic account, with not privelages or escape from memeality.

Open this post… and look up the the sky and screeaaaaaaaam
Who let this guy in? we don’t really need him here

Cause it’s easy come, easy go, little high, little low.

Any way the nerds blow doesn’t really matter to meeeeeeeeee


@Adubs give this new guy that I have no idea who he is a member status pls.

btw there is a topic for introductions @SoulFallen


I changed some of the requirement to see/reply freeland to tl1 so it should only take him a minute to get it.

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Good change !

It has been several minutes. I demand a recount.