Hosting Providers

Where are you nerds hosting your hobby junk?
I’ve been using for years for dedicated servers (VPN/Seedbox/IRC Bouncer), and DigitalOcean for virtual servers (Mail server/Owncloud, a VPN server, & hosting the Mrs blog).

Wondering where everyone else is hosting their hobby servers in case I’m missing out on new deals or better specs for similar prices, especially as a replacement from my last remaining bare metal over at Online (their HDD space for the price is great though).

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DigitalOcean, @rgk and @admindev shilled them hard for me and haven’t found any reason to find/upgrade to something else. Not saying I do anything productive with my droplets but still. :smile:

I was considering Online for this reason, but atm I don’t need huge amount of HDD space so Digital ocean is good enough for me.


Out of my house like a damn poor person. I want more power than most can offer. Previously it was linode and DO. I tried OVH briefly and that was terrible for me connection wise but was cheaper. That was a while ago though so it could be better now.


I have 2 local servers in my room, and one on digital ocean. Speaking of digital ocean, click this referral link to get $100!


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Yes I will shill this, it’s a win-win, don’t complain.

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Digital Ocean, Linode, AWS Lightsail, AWS (full), Azure.

Typically in that order. I host some stuff locally that no one knows about :wink: That’s fun too if you have the bandwidth and patience. AT&T’s hardware sux tho

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Linode & AWS

Namecheap for my domain name.

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I wanted OVH/Kimsufi originally but they were consistently sold out, which made me find Online and stuck with them ever since… Though I’m having a weird route issue now which is making contemplate finally switching the server off.

I mean maybe try OVH again. I was trying to run a game server so latency was more important and they sucked then.