How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Boomer Flu.

media hype only gets worse about this, what do

kewldad keeps spouting conspiracy that many more are dead than reported which I refuse to believe

My current plan is completely ignore it although I am starting a new job that will require International travel in a few months so I do have at least a small amount of concern.

It’ll blow over before Q3, no biggie.

tenor (95)

I would suggest having 2 weeks of emergency food on hand. If only because people will raid the stores as soon as a single case pops up in their town.


:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage: Literally why Montreal :roll_eyes:

Best plan. In the US and Canada and other first world’s it seems to be just a bad flu

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Either this or it’ll become endemic.

If it does, we will develop effective countermeasures to reduce fatality rate and a proper vaccine. The concern is its willingness to mutate. Covid-19 is a Coronavirus, which means, like flu, it’s a single RNA Strand. That means it has a general high propensity for mutation.

The issue isn’t if you catch it. For a healthy adult, below 50s, the death risk is almost nil. The issue is the panic that could set in. There could be a food run, ammo run, etc…

So, if you’re worried, have a couple weeks of food on hand, maybe some ammo, you know, basic prepping.

It’s not if you get it, it’s when.

But remember, it’ll just be a flu. It’s not the end of the world, it’s just gonna be a shitty week or so.

So basically, don’t worry, but if you are worry prone, there are things you can do.

China isn’t being honest with us, that’s true. I can imagine the deaths are not accurate, but the cases aren’t either.

But remember: Chinas health system is like that of Zimbabwe. Shit. Their death rate will be higher than ours.

I suspect China probably has 250-500k cases, and the deaths may be 10% higher. But that’s just a shot in the dark.

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CDC is basically telling us to brace for impact.


It’s pretty rare that the boogie man they expect turns out to be “the one”… but… this is a nasty bug.

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This is the key question… how bad is it (China’s healthcare) really? If it really is Congo-level broken then we don’t have much to worry about. The mortality rate will be “flu-like”. If China’s health-care system is somewhere between western and the Congo, then the morbitity (transmission rate) and mortality (death) rates even as admitted by China much less the real ones are bad enough that this will be a doozy.

looking at something as transmissable (if not more) as the flu with ~10x the death-rate relative to the flu (infection vs death).

See above though… seeing a black-swan coming would be unusual. We are generally to focused on the red-herring to see the meteor that really hurts us.


Thus dudes video keeps getting pulled off youtube.

Kentaro Iwata

My brother is in the military, and a couple weeks ago he said he had heard rumors that the government was talking about ELEs (extinction level events). So, there’s that. Pretty good chance the government is worst case scenario planning.

Then, this past weekend, he said in the next week or two to expect some big news concerning coronavirus. Either that was the CDC coming out with what they did today, or something bigger is coming. I’m kinda expecting a travel lockdown, no international travel.

I went to Walmart and got some soap and bottled water. Need to think about what dry goods to get, and anything else. Walmart is absolutely useless for ammo, though. Only had “hunting” ammo, no 223/556, no 9mm, no 45. Had some 308, but it seemed expensive. Doesn’t seem like people are panic buying general supplies or food yet.

  1. China is absolutely lying about the numbers. They haven’t updated totals for a week now. They either ran out of tests, hiding big numbers, or both. They also had a shitty qualifications to be considered a case (had to have symptoms, regardless if tested positive by the throat sample)
  2. It is definitely bigger than we are lead to belive. You don’t close off whole cities, cripple your economy, spray cities with bleach and shit, and build quarantine stations hospitals in a week coz you have a bad flu. I won’t speculate how many cases there are, but it’s def worse. They didn’t react like this to SARS.
  3. Chinese medical apparatus ia not as bad as aomw of you guys imply. In the big cities it’s mostly developed level medicine, but yes in the country it’s much worse. But IMO it’s much better than some shithole Africa countries. Fuck, it’s most likely better than Ukraine’s (well, UA is a post-soviet shithole)
  4. The real reason no country is really ready for the virus is coz the transmissibility (R0 ~ 4; - 1 infected, infects 4 more people on average) and the severe cases %, which is around 20%. Severe cases, at worst, mean you nees to be on oxygen ventilation, which can only be done in hospital. The problem with this, is that your hospitals only have so many beds available, and you die without the ventilation, so the death rate can get higher if your hospitals fill up.
  5. Look at Italy and South Korea, if you don’t believe me. Everything was fine, until it blew up and they got multiple dead on “first day”. With the incubation period of this virus you can two weeka lag time. So it’s hard to catch and quarantine.
  6. Speaking of lag time, the little thermometers they have at airports are useless. It’s asymptomatic for the first week or two (in some casea even longer), but you can start shedding and spreading virus week in without knowing, and without visible symptoms. Only throat samples can show if ones is positive for virus that early.
  7. Speaking of quarantines, don’t trust the gov (duh). I.e. in Ukraine they don’t even quarantine those who flew in from chinksland. Oh and don’t trust WHO, chinks have them in their pocket.
  8. So wot do? Get supplies for a 2 weeks or more. Panic and supply shortages are worse immediate dangers. Was your hands with soap, don’t touch your face. The gov won’t help, it’s gov. If you’re in between 12 and 50, you probably gon be alright, even if you catch it, it’s gonna be like moderate and long (up to 2 weeks with symptoms) flu. If you do get sick, self-quaranteen, don’t go to hospital unless it’s getting worse than mild symptoms.
  9. Oh and, vaccine ain’t coming any time soon, it takes time to test, and the virus can mutate quick.
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Cabin when?


I’d say cabin now. From where I sit, this thing appears to be going full on pandemic. The media and governments just seem completely unwilling to admit it. Too many financial problems that will follow.


Already have one :+1:

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…Hopefully in the cabin :smiley:

Well, I keep one week of canned food and another week of portable backpacking food, two weeks of water on hand for both hurricanes and camping.

And keep about 10 gallons of gasoline for overlanding/hurricanes and keep charcoal for BBQing and have isobutane for camping.

Picking up another week of water and canned food today.

And I keep ammo around if I want to go to the range.

I am not prepared for the end of the world but am much better off than a huge portion of the population that I am good for most few week long emergencies.


In China? Absolutely… In established countries that arent weird 1st/3rd world hybrids? No.

Older video but relevant to understanding China

TLDR China’s standard for “cause of death” differs from the west so their numbers are fucked.

Also side note ive been watching Serpentza for over 3 years now I consider him reliable.

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Unfortunately not. And I have little prep done.

Yay low wage IT job.

I have a place I can drive to, 45 minutes away.

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let them sneeze on you or you’re a bigot.
stop chinaphobia


So everybody is kung flu fighting?

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