Increasing Your Worth (in I.T.)

Talking about increasing your worth in the bastion of technology. Projects, certs, demanding responsibility, and trusting yourself!


  • Try something new
  • Try something familiar
  • Get out of your comfort zone


  • Practical
  • Clean base
  • Best practices
  • Apply what you’ve learned

Asking For More

  • Mentoring
  • Additional tasks
    – Start small
    – Documentration and cleanup

Two Feet In

  • Question Desire
  • Aim to be true
  • Speak up

people study to pass the test and not to get better at their job

Stop making fun of me like this. I cant help it.


Lmao. I’ve had two coworkers that admitted to just memorizing CCNA questions. This was their copout when we were talking about ports/forwarding and they had no idea.

“Don’t you have Cisco certs?”

“Yeah but I don’t remember anything.”


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Cisco certs are fucking hard man… or at least they were when I went for them. If you dont get something right they just fucking hammer you with more questions like that. I dont blame people for doing that.


Agreed, I don’t doubt it took some mental dexterity and willpower to memorize and preserve that information. My point is more to not let that knowledge go and learn how to apply it to your job.

CCNA => Practical Packet Analysis => Applied Network Security

There are roadmaps and skills you can use to apply the broad base of knowledge. I’ve worked with netsec professionals that had CISSP and CCNA in their email signatures, but couldn’t tell me what port DNS is on.

I hope I don’t sound pretentious af. The acronyms are great if you know what you’re doing :wink:


yeah for sure, I definitely wouldnt just buy pass4sure and not understand the material… but also preservation of that info is hard if you never use it. I have set up networks with cisco stuff in the past but if you asked me to do it now I couldnt because I just dont touch it.

I dont really want the sysadmin job. I want to just put computers together man.

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Definitely get that! I ain’t hatin’. Just wanting to clarify my position :grin:

Forwarding a port is something you learn how to do in high school when you’re running a ghetto Minecraft server tho…

without googling, what port is DNS on?


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imap smtp with ssl?


587? Lol I have to google these usually

I thought it was 465 but same lmao

now I have to go look

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I can’t blame them, this is literally how school taught us to “learn”


you’re fired

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I think it uses 587 for STARTTLS, im not sure tho

thats correct

instead of getting a sysadmin job, can my reward be getting out of tech instead?

congratulations on your promotion to senior openstack administrator.