Intel X^e architecture?

What do you guys think of the architecture as well as promising rumors that one edition may include a falcon mesa FPGA of some sort onboard? While intel is rough in the CPU market, they are doing good in others.

It remains to be seen, we’ll get a taste of it with Ice lake.
From intels own graphs the performance is looking pretty good.

I think they have had sufficient time to figure it out. Not to mention being able to study vega M

I’m excited for some competition in the GPU market. It’d be awesome if they release and use the mesa driver like intel’s been good about in the past.

It would be lovely if they went full FOSS on it. Perhaps they maybe the new standard for Linux if they do so

Yeee team blue!

emlulated mario bros will look awesome?

Is there a benefit to modern graphics for this?

Better up-scaling?

I’m not familiar with the technology.

Woot was hoping for this

Integer scaling just means it will be far more accurate when things are super scaled or when doing vector multiplication