IT'S ALIVE! Starting SCOBY (Kombucha) with Brad Leone

Hey there Folks! Today we make a little kombucha from unpasteurized kombucha you can buy in your local supersmarket or online.

Here is our stuff. We got two kombucha with the live bacterie inside.
In the bowl in the back we have just a bunch of black tea with a bunch of sugar, basically just sweet black tea. Let it cool down so you don’t kill the live bacteria that we need.

I tasted both yesterday evening and the raspberry one is so goooood while the lemon & ginger one is just nasty. So I’ll make two starters, both with the same tea as feeding ground for the kombuchas to-be.

So what we do is faily straight forward, vinny:

First, add the kombucha to the vessel, add the feeding-tea and get the lid going. That’s it!

After you pour the kombucha in the vessel check for leftovers in the bottle and rinse it with the feeding-tea and add to the vessel so you don’t loose any starter-bacteria!

Bottle is clean, all bacteria is in the starter.

Nice, nice, nice.

Now the same with the way better tasting rasberry one:

Same little trick to get all the bacteria.

BOOM! Here we have or finished little starters and we can check back in eh 3 days or 2 1/2 days eh 3 or 4 days

*we’ll check back in a week*


I took a couple of tablespoons of both startes and put them in this big thing and just added the rest of the feeding-tea to it.

Just add


Now we have two startes with relatively many starter culture from the bought kombucha and one rather large starter with less starter culture.

We’ll check back in a week if we have any SCOBY going!


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Hey Guys, today on It’s Alive we’re checking in on our SCOBY starters for making Kombucha.

It was a week ago we set aside the vessel with the feeding tea and the starter cultures.

Let’s jump right in:

This is one bubbly boy let me tell’ya. A lot of bubbles underneath the SCOBY so I took a lil scoopy-scoop and carefully remove the bubbles so the SCOBY has direct contact to the feeding mixture.

In between today and when we started I put the vessels on the heater so they get a nice comfy temperature since I felt they needed that. I also added a bit of sugar-water to make sure there is enough food in there and it looks like those tiny adjustments took great effect.

And this is the big boy, oh momma!

Way less bubbleage, nice yeasty on top, nice yellow-ish color to it, real nice, real simple.

So I let the guys hang out and maybe check back in a week for some feeding but other than that: time to order some large vessels and fermentation grade bottles!



Make sure to get some with airlocks, or you’ll get some homemade SCOBY pipe bombs.


I wonder, can you use other kinds of tea? Or just black tea? Could you add fruits to change the flavor from the original scoby?

Idea: Make pumpkin spice Kombucha during the fall, sell to women, make all the money.


Those bottles can withstand the pressure so the second fermentation will hopefully workout. I’m more concerned for temperature in that time.


Black tea is just ideal you can add green tea in the ratio of 85:15 black tea to green tea. So if you wanna start out, straight black tea will do the trick.

Adding fruits and flavours is workign when you go into the second fermentation where the carbonation takes places. I’m gonna add some nice cherry juice and something exotic going on. Also you wanna add some sugar so you get nice carbonation.


I was wondering if honey could be used.


Hey bud!

Okay, so you can use honey technically but it’s harder for the SCOBY to eat the sugar in the honey. You know, like, Maple syrups is reeeeeaallly nice but also harder for the SCBOY to eat.

So take any kind of sugar that is super easy for the SCOBY to eat so white refined sugar is the best for it bud.


Hey there Folks!

Today is the next step in our Kombucha Journey!

So we started our SCOBYs and the Ladies are looking real nice!

So what we’re doing today is basically what we did in the first step:

We brew a lot of tea and then add our Kombucha Fungi to the Tea in a big enough vessel and let it hang out for twoo weeks or one weekdepending on the amount of tea to ferment and
maybe three weeks and because of the temperature maybe even longer three and a half weeks depending on all the factors one week will be okay and then it depends on how it tastes.

So here we have a 5L glass vessel filled with black tea, the ratio that I use for one Liter is

  • 8g black tea
  • 100g sugar

so for 5L that would be

  • 40g black tea
  • 500g sugar


it’s important the fungi has enough sugar to eat so the fermentation of the tea can proceed also it’s a good indicator for when you are tasting it:

if it’s sweet you know that the sugar isn’t completely eaten up so you could either go longer or stop it when you don’t want your Kombucha to be super fermenty and tangy and all that.

I added to the tea both SCOBYs and all the remaining liquid that was in the starter vessel, so the fermentation can start immediately.

Interestingly enough: If your SCOBY floats, all good it will grow and be happy. If your SCOBY sinks to the bottom that’s no worry, it will grow little strings to the top of the liquid and start growing there.

Since I got two SCOBYs in there I think I’m gonna get like the hyper-SCOBY mother of kombucha going!

Alright bud, now we wait and see when it’s ready!


thats a fat stack of video cards the Brad, who knew you were a computer nerd too


Oh :joy: yeah sorry bud that isn’t mine it’s @BookrVII cards he fucked up somehow, I’m happy enough to get on youtube, you know?


I find myself wondering if I could speed up the fermentation of a SCOBY using the heated print bed on my 3D printer.

I assume I wouldn’t want to go above 30C.

I still want to try using honey instead of plain white sugar. then maybe add some cinnamon to the mix or something.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Find a way to add pumpkin spice and sell it during the fall. Make big money.


Hey, bud!

You can speed up fermentation and SCOBY growth via temperature but you can’t go too much heat it will kill the SCOBY. You need a nice temperature around 20°C - 30°C while 30C being the upper limit.

Those are tiny living organism, they need food and warmth to growth you can’t rush them.

For the sugar as food like I already mentioned honey can work but I would highly suggest adding a mix of sugar and honey.

Add any additional flavors before you bottle up but I’m not sure cinnamon would be a good IDea since cinnamon has some anti-bacterial properties and may reduce the fermentation which you would need.

Oh yeah bud, those basic bitches would love some pumpkin spice kombucha :joy: