Just share your music already !

There are plenty of rock/metal threads here but no general “share what you are listening to”. So this is it just share music no matter the genre.

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This one after @SgtAwesomesauce posted it in freeland

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Every time, this one gets me.

This week has been Hair Metal for me.

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Really punchy bass.

boom but only one person chatted with me about it :frowning:

I feel like going to Jotunheim and picking a fight with a giant.

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Night out gettin drunk in Losey. Missin Nashville

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Been jamming to them lately:

I have some pretty diverse interests. We needed this thread

Never gets old. One of the best dubstep songs ever made

Smaller dubstep DJ I just came across. Got some solid tracks and he’s pretty original

Listen to this one then that one