Keyboard Showdown

Hey everyone. I’m needing some help in choosing a new keyboard.

I have a Corsair Gaming something or other K95, I think? Anyway, the Corsair iCUE software has sent me over the edge for the last time. Every time I lock my computer the colorscheme dies, which is fine, but when I unlock, majority of the time the software can’t detect the keyboard and mouse. I’ve done a lot of reading, and this has been an issue since around 2016 or 2017.

Not worth it.

So, I need a new keyboard and mouse :smiley:

My main concern is a keyboard, though. I go based on feel with a mouse but you can’t really tell with a keyboard.

My options are:

  • Logitech G710 (Lol at that price tag, though)
  • Razer Ornata Chroma
  • SteelSeries Apex 7

I am open to any and all suggestions, too, if the above options are not worth it. Please don’t link a $10 keyboard from Amazon. Or a $20 keyboard.

Any key preference?
Do you use the numpad?

Ducky keyboards are baller, best ones I’ve owned.


I’ll trade you a patriot viper keyboard with reds for the k95. I’ll even send it to you first and let you try it out to see if you like it.

I wanted a shine for the longest time.

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I had the shine mini, was quality through and through.

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Ducky and or Das Keyboards would be my advice. A programmer friend has a Das Keyboard and in my stupidity I dropped it on the floor. It survived without a scratch.
As to which one you should get, that’t up to your needs and requirements.

Ducky keyboards are fantastic. I brought my own Ducky keyboard to my office.

I see, you’re that friend.

Not really. I rarely drop stuff. He had a couch/projector setup and I stood up with keyboard in hand and completely neglected the leght of the cable and the usb port yanked it out of my hands. Good news though: Fractal design makes sturdy front panel usb ports and Das makes hella sturdy keyboards :sweat_smile:

he was the little brother who tripped over the controller cord, yanking the console off the shelf, I bet.

He’s been watching too much of Linus’ videos.

It was a Linus move I admit. But,

no. It was a single isolated event! I am not clumsy :unamused:


Where doth one purchase this?

I am rather large fan of KBparadise V60 or V80s.

Go with gateron switches. Cherry years ago let their patent lapse and Gateron improved their design with better stem molds resulting in smoother travel.

I like greens with orings but I am a very heavy typer.

Edit: added link

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I couldn’t tell you for the Americas unfortunately.

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There’s no need for hate speech.

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I want the Razer one :frowning:

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