Khronos Group 2019 "Vulkanised"

If you are interested:

Overview of this years Vulkanised Session

Playlist off all videos from this years sessions


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new videos online will post the playlist when its available.
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Heard rumors strong laments and desires that this is going to dethrone DX12 and OpenGL. Is that any closer to happening? I know that Vulkan SDKs have a “one click deploy” to any platform, but I also know that the learning curve is quite steep (as expected).

Is there a numbers game/metric we can look at to see what is being ported or developed in Vulkan? I could do all this legwork myself, but during my brief stint in searching I find people mostly projecting their deep lying fantasies and claiming that it’s reality.

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AFAIK vulkan is still only native to a handful of titles. DX11 & 12 are still king. The downside to DXVK/proton is devs arent incentivized to really do squat to change from DX…

IDK if vulkan is the future, but if it is… its gonna be a long minute.

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i know that DX11 is still the most widely used, but what uses DX12?

usually the games have a dx11 option as well but there are some dx12 only games.


Total War: Warhammer :sunglasses:

WoW uses DX12, damn it’s been a long time since I quit

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Chex Quest runs on vulkan and that’s all we need

The latest meaningful push for vulkan is Stadia.

I’m quietly rooting for vulkan.

The titles that use it are performing better than OGL and DX12.

The issue is adoption. I think we’ll see more of it when engines pick it up. Unreal would be the first and best one, I think.

It’s not really making much progress though.

Game engines[edit]

  • Source 2 – In March 2015, Valve Corporation announced the Source 2 engine, the successor engine to the original Source engine, would support Vulkan.[133][134]
  • Serious Engine 4 – In February 2016, Croteam announced that they were supporting Vulkan in their Serious Engine.[135]
  • Unreal Engine 4 – In February 2016, Epic Games announced Unreal Engine 4 support for Vulkan at Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Unpacked event.[136][137]
  • Torque 3D – In April 2016, the developers community announced they will include Vulkan support.[138][139]
  • id Tech 3 – unofficial Vulkan support was added in May 2017.[140]
  • id Tech 4 – unofficial Vulkan support was added in August 2017.[141]
  • id Tech 6 – Vulkan support was added in July, 2016.[142]
  • id Tech 7 – uses Vulkan on PC exclusively.
  • Xenko – Vulkan support was added in July 2016.[143]
  • Unity – The engine has support for Vulkan since version 5.6.[144]
  • CryEngine – Support for Vulkan was added in the 5.4 release.[145]
  • Intrinsic – A free and open-source cross-platform game engine that supports Vulkan.[146]
  • Unigine – In April 2017, Unigine Corp announced that Vulkan support for Unigine is in the roadmap for 2017.[147]
  • Abyss Engine – In May 2017, Deep Silver FISHLABS released Galaxy on Fire 3 on Android with Vulkan support.[148]
  • Banshee 3D – A free and open-source cross-platform game engine that supports Vulkan.[149]
  • Godot – a 2D and 3D, cross-platform, free and open-source game engine. In late February 2018, the developers announced that they will shift their focus from solely using OpenGL ES 3 to target all platforms, to instead using a combination of OpenGL ES 2 and Vulkan.[150]
  • Flax Engine – Vulkan support was added in April 2019.[151]
  • Apex Game Engine(from Avalanche Studios) which was used in Rage 2 uses Vulkan for rendering [152]

First of all im personally offended by that statement and will press legal charges if possible, but I think that we will see some improvements when Stadia is going live. Because Google seems to be fine to run AAA Mainstream games on UNIX Servern with AMDGPUs so I’m pretty sure they have some improvements to offer that will directly or indirectly help to further improve vulkans performance and adoption.


Interesting. Maybe the next development cycle then, or it’s kinda DOA.

I wonder about the technology behind that, really.


Do not wonder:

  • GNU/+Linux Host
  • Vulkan

secret google magic.

Most “gaming rigs” in that config without the secret google magic can barely run Rocket League if not fine tuned and google seems to be somewhat confident with its tech so it has to work fine enough and performance has to be good enough.

In any way: Year of the GNU/Linux Desktop when?

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Right, but how are they playing Windows games on Linux? Is it passthrough? Do they have a custom variant of Wine?


lets hope we get some whitepapers on that stuff :man_shrugging: