Librem 5 thread

I know some here are interested in OS hardware and software, this is both.

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New progress update:

Q3 2019. Looking at getting one. For what you get for $649 that’s not bad.


Yeah, I’ll probably get one just for neckbeard status.

the one thing I really want on there is spotify


It’ll take too long to get into why I want it.

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There are a lot of reasons, one of them is supporting a company that’s doing good.

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I agree with that. I want to have something besides Samsung, Pixel, and iPhone. Hey, speaking of the Pixel, glad you asked, what. the. frak. Seriously.

So, I never gave much attention to the whole “privacy” and “spyware” arguments with mobile phones. They’re not government mandated, it’s a choice, etc. That’s not to say that I didn’t give it much thought, because I did give it quite a bit of thought. In fact, years ago when I got my job at Geek Squad, I had a flip phone because I didn’t trust intelligent phones. This was around the time of the iPhone 4s for context or a better grip on the timeline.

Anyway, I eventually was won over, mostly due to the GPS functionality and the various applications that I found interesting (IE. A comic book catalog). Since then I’ve been batting off frothing Redditors and fake FOSS enthusiasts about “muh privacy” and “muh spyware”. I took precautions, I disabled WiFi and Bluetooth when on the road, and left location data off.

My first smartphone was the Motorola Droid. It was glorious, it did everything I wanted, except last all day and not burn my finger prints off (it ran hot). My next one was the LG V10, which was okay, but the GPS was shitty. But it worked, just took a minute or two to reroute. I started to think all the FUD about smart phones was all made up and in my head. My next phone was a Samsung Galaxy S4. Holy shit. What a piece of garbage. I think I got the S something after that. I noticed I continuously had issue after issue. Problems that were never plaguing me before were now daily issues. Cracked screens, dropped calls, missed messages, dead batteries, power cycles, etc. So, I decided to move to the Pixel 2.

It was a good phone, but kind of annoying. I got spammed about Donald Trump hard. I told the damn thing “Don’t tell me stories about Donald Trump” – Two hours later “Trump does this!” WTF? I asked. I went to disable the notifications and saw “Don’t tell me stories from CNN” … On and on it went, the narrative never changing but me having to disable the various sources. I finally found out how to turn it off, OFF, be gone you obnoxious tool. It was around this time that I started to notice I don’t use the “smart phone” like most people do. I use the GPS, maybe a web browser when I’m waiting or passively on a break, sometimes as an e-reader, and a portable radio (podcasts and music). That’s it. I don’t use the assistant, I don’t have any social media linked to it. E-mail is on it but all the notifications are off. Pager Duty, but that could have been supplemented via text message. Etc. Ended up upgrading to a Pixel 3 XL because of a cracked screen (is it just me, or have these things gone to complete dog shit? I dropped my LG V10 off 2 stories and it barely had a scratch. I’ve bumped into a wall and the Pixel was shattered).

Holy. Invasive. RAPE. Batman.

They have this Google preview thing that lists items you would be interested in. It was everything I had been looking at, talking about, and reading about the past week or two. The context was fucked, though. Google is worse than fucking Amazon. You know, when you buy your wife a dress, once, ONCE, and for the next three months you’re getting recommendations for women’s clothing? NICE A.I., BEZOS, YOU FUCKING CLOWN.

I shit on Kubernetes at work, and the Googs is recommending Kubernetes for DevOps and how to take my “app” to the next level. I bitch about JavaScript and I’m getting recommended the “next best JS library”. Uhm, what? The next best JS libraries are always riddled with dependency hell and are outdated in a fucking weekend.

So it’s always listening, whatever. Just modern technology. I was still giving the benefit of the doubt. And then, fucking then, God damn it, AND THEN:

So, I don’t care about politics. I think it’s stupid. I don’t watch the news, because it’s also stupid. I’m trying to be PG here, folks, bare with me. Anyway, my wife watches the news in the morning. Well, she used to, now she’s on board with my bandwagoning. Anyway, my wife watched the news in the morning with the other 90 year olds. Since I’ve been less and less enticed by my phone and more and more annoyed with it, my morning routine involves checking for emergencies overnight and laying it on the coffee table while I go about my morning. A week of this and I’m getting notifications for news/politics/drama. WTF. What happened to begging me to use K8s or telling me about the newest bloated software solutions?

It was fucking listening to the talking heads, the literal talking heads in the morning and started pushing propaganda my way based on the stories they talk about. Because, the news being the news, repeats the same six fucking news stories all morning. Just like the radio, the same six or eight songs get played all day. We get it, you like Enter Sandman.

So, that was the line. I never looked up this stuff, never discussed it with anyone, but because I left it in front of my T.V. it started parroting this nonsense to me. If I can’t turn it off, that’s cool, I’ll go back to a flip phone. But, because of the lack of demand, the applications are not well supported so you get about half the reliability. That’s when I remembered Librem.


I’m not mad, but to craft this beautiful story I had to capture how I felt at the time of these disasters.

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I tried to warn him:


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let me actually read it

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Dude, this is sooo you. I can imagine it was a shitty job, but I totally could see you working at geek squad like this to all the coworkers:



have you ever downloaded all the data google let’s you?

they scape your email :wink:

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Lmao. Kind of. I started at the bottom of the ranks and within a year was the most advanced tech there. I had the rep of “If you don’t know, ask Chris” which was awesome. I was fortunate enough to work at two stores that had an amazing culture. I know GS has a spotty reputation, but I was at two stores where people knew their stuff and we would choose truth or performance over the dollar amount.

They have a secret forum where you have to have an active Geek Squad e-mail to join and engage with. Great culture. Still have my badge somewheres.

I know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Guys let me be the hater here. The phone is not coming in 2019, actually now that I think about it it has about the same chance to come out as Star Citizen. So be prepared to be in denial as @kewldude007.




Haters are allowed…



The only thing that’s gonna be decimated are your dreams and wishes of Librem 5


Had a quick browse but didn’t find what I was looking for.
Are they going to have a way to run apks?

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