Linux Mint 19.2 Review

Today I installed Linux Mint because someone challenged my good sensibility.

Install process was smooth. I was able to play Dark Souls III on Linux for the first time (git gud, scrub). Installed a few tools, KVM, and played with some themes and settings.

Probably gonna stick around for a while!

The installer was basically the same as the Ubuntu installer. After that, I did their “one click install” for the Nvidia drivers. Nvidia 435. Reboot and BOOM, good to go. They allowed for LVM + Encryption during the installation, which I always take advantage of.

Vim, git, Audacity, OBS-Studio, Golang, Node.js, KVM, and CKB-Next. I changed the theme to purple on black (YEET), pinned some applications – All this just to see how good/friendly the UI was. Installed Steam, Dark Souls III, got gud, and kicked some ass. Mounted NTFS drive, used the PS4 controller, and checked some other software.

Really great experience so far.

People always gush over ElementaryOS, POP!_OS, and Ubuntu (which are all great distros), but damn, did I have a hell of an EASY af time installing and using Mint.

UFW and apparmor are available (apparmor is installed out of the box).

Pulls from Bionic repos.




Mint is the most stable and issue free system I’ve ever had, probably run it if I stop gaming.

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I’m installing a few “problem games” that I’ve tried playing on Linux in the past to see how it goes.

Still so stoked about DSIII.

Dayum that was fast. Did you have a script going?

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Lol nah, I was in the middle of installing a VM while I was recording and it finished in like two minutes. Derailed the whole review from that point on.

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I ran counter strike 1.6 on open GL, dare I say it was smoother than windows.

Linux is usually great about supporting shit from two decades ago.

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Neighbor (engineer) ran mint since its inception. . Never had an issue. Great distro maybe I should give it a whirl and experience a good MATE experience lol… that or cinnamon. Not sure. GNOME 3 is in theory nicer

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most games that dont include DRM or anticheat work now, anything that has issues can typically be solved with

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Me, a person who switched off of linux mint to play DS3, listening to someone switch to linux mint to play DS3

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Year of the Linux desktop confirmed.


Hello sir I joined the forum to tell you that Linux mint is trash and basically you’re fucking retarded.

Debian install this weekend. Remind me pls.


If I wouldn’t be such Ubuntu gay I’d run Mint too.

My mom has old laptop, installed Mint to it and haven’t yet received any phone call telling me “my laptop is not working”.

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To catch up from yesterday:

Dark Souls III – 10/10, flawless, no stutter/lag, 144hz, maximum settings

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – 7/10, some/rare stuttering and input lag, doesn’t seem to happen when it matters (only when NPCs are giving you quest updates), 144hz (says it’s hard locked at 60hz, which could explain the lag), max settings

Skryim – ??/10, hard locked, had to reboot computer. Probably due to all the mods/plugins I have installed.

Hollow Knight – 10/10, no stuttering or lag, PS4 controller works, 144hz, max settings.

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