Linux User Group

This is an attempt to get a LUG going. We can do weekly discussions and presentations if you all want, or make it monthly if it doesn’t generate enough interest. I really want this to be more than distro warring and discussions on various desktop environments. However, I expect as we start out, that’s what we can start with :grin:

What are you using? What brought you into the Linux space? Have you only administered or do you like it as a desktop operating system?

Have you done some crazy stuff with it? Created a garage door opener? A crazy automation system? A streaming gig for your whole family, all across the land?

Tell us more!


I first got exposed to linux (actually fedora … iirc 15) in community college.

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Nice! What was the project you were working on?

Started computing on Uncle’s SunOS/Solaris Machine.

Around in high school I learned of Linux and that is was similar.

Been using it ever since for15 years.

I have admined Linux web servers for play money.

And have volunteered on Krunner.

Been running Kubuntu or Neon for the past few years as my daily driver.


It was my intro to linux class… had a book that was actually really good at explaining stuff, but for the class, we only went over the first half of the book. I should probably dig it up and finish it.

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Damn, that’s crazy. Anything similar to todays *nix? :grin:

:ok_hand: Nice. That’s my recommendation, generally, at people that want to dabble in something outside of Windows.

Definitely do! Let me know the title, too :grin: I have a few Linux books that are really good but it’s hard to find something that’s worth it in the long run.

init is different and so is software management. Linux software development has strayed from " do one thing and do it well" looking at you systemd

There is some Solaris distros IlluminOS is not bad for virtualization.

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I’m currently backing up my x200 so I can remove Trisquel and install Debian. Libreboot is going on it too!

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got so triggered at windows 10 reverting my settings to default, that u just slapped arch linux on my PC. with XFCE as mt DE. that was about 4 years ago.

prior linux experience? spun up debian in a vm.

never distrohopped, arch is now life.


im thinking about leaving fedora and move to arch.

but im so used to fedora and since i like to be a casual mindless normie from time to time and still hesitant to go full arch. if i boot it tho its so quick in every aspect…

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rule no 0, don’t distro hop


you cant distro hop when you switch different os’ all the time


but srsly, fedora seems confused at this point, kernel after 5.06 doesnt boot, gnome has no idea what to do with “software updates” it pushes and breaks.

that is not the linux i was promised!


sounds like arch

My name is MC and I’m a RHEL desktop user. I’m learning to be some sort of a systems administrator or developer or something. I’m often frustrated with how things don’t work in the distro, but I get through it in time. Currently trying to make yum work after messing around with setting up python.


I remember my father mentioning in early 2000s that I should give Linux a try some time. After that I periodically heard things about Linux, and maybe in 2007-2008 I installed Ubuntu to my old machine, and I was pleasantly surprised how polished the UI was (I was expecting something much worse). After that I gave Linux a spin every now and then, but I can say I seriously started to move towards Linux maybe in 2014-15, when I occasionally played with it on my old computer. After installing Arch I learned a lot of small things that default Ubuntu installer takes care of automatically. Now for 2 or 3 years I’ve dual booted Linux along with Win10, and Windows is pretty much only for playing games.

Ubuntu has been my go to distro, and my file server still runs LTS version of Ubuntu server. However I’m currently running Manjaro + i3, and so far it’s been working well. I may have to try using Arch full time at some point.


Is this like linux users anonymous? The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem?

I use Linux as little as I can manage. It runs my smaller nas, my pihole, and my old laptop. I installed fedora on my desktop but then when I tried to play a game it didn’t work so I went back to windows because I’m not masochistic enough to keep trying expecting different results.

I started using Linux with Ubuntu 5.04…

This was basically me.


Now I just use it to serve files and remove ads.


this is still you mate

the absolute state of linux tho


I’m mostly being sarcastic. I spent probably an hour digging through troubleshooting before I figured out it was broken for everyone everywhere.

The absolute state of windows emulation.



Since windows done and did what they did… this year has become the year.

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