Linux Workstation Part 2

Heyo! Rambled about various DEs and distros. If you don’t want to go to the site feel free to sub on Stitcher, Spotify, or Pocketcasts. There are others, too. Video should be out next week.

Show Notes:

Desktop Environments and Distributions

What is a Desktop Environment? Tools, window managers, login managers, display managers, all of the components
What is a distribution? When I say Linux, I don’t mean the kernel, I mean the operating system running on top of it.

Gnome, Gnome 3, Gnome Shell
GTK, Wayland, X11


  • Hot corners
  • Suite of extensions
  • Themes
  • Snappy
  • Hard set to 60hz
  • Poor multimonitor support

Qt, Basic Wayland, X11


  • Start Menu
  • Pinned applications
  • Theme store
  • A lot out of the box
  • Really smooth composite manager
  • Hidden WiFi quirks
  • Weird display settings quirks

GTK, X11

It just depends

  • Very basic out of the box
  • Toolbar needs some work
  • Extremely customizable
  • Launcher or Start Menu
  • Versatile Themes
  • Multimonitor support was not great

GTK, X11


  • Start Menu
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Trouble with multimonitor and discrete GPU
  • Customizable

GTK, X11


  • Status in top
  • Launcher in the bottom
    +/- Interesting composite manager
    +/- GPU
    +/- CPU
    +/- Other (CPU)
  • Lightweight environment
    ++ Very nice community


  • Tons of support
  • Most widely used
  • Fast
  • Long support window
  • Optimal for games
  • Huge repository
    +/- Based on Debian Testing
  • Dramatic changes
  • Non-LTS unstable
  • Inconsistent drivers and driver support


  • Great community
  • Enterprise development
  • Leading edge
  • Have yum and rpm available
  • Great support and development
  • Enjoy patching
  • Questionable release cycle
  • Lack of options


  • Incredibly stable
  • Perfect for prod
  • Secure
  • Massive repository selection
  • Not as sophisticated out of the box (no sudo, for example)
  • Unknown release cycle
  • Behind other distributions

Linux Mint

  • Tons of support out of the box
  • Based on Ubuntu
  • Stable
  • GUI options
  • Sketchy past
  • Green Theme


  • Great community
  • Great support and drivers
  • KDE Champion
  • Stable or Rolling Release
  • RPM, packman, zypper
  • Limited selection
  • Tough to find information

Arch Linux

  • Simple
  • Great support and documentation
  • (B)Leeding Edge (Stable upstream)
  • Versatile
  • Manual installation
  • Frequent updates
  • Questionable reliability
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Insert Wheeze meme here :smiley:

For playing games on Linux, Ubuntu is definitely what the big leagues test and play on. Valve and Vulkan, I believe.

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I havent shared the same experience with upgrading Fedora to the next versions…

the trick is dont do it until 6+ months after it is released. (not all the repos are as quick to create a repo for the latest version)


Ah, maybe that’s my issue. I upgrade same day/same week


Shh, dont tell everyone


I usually give it a month or so, but yeah, don’t upgrade until there’s been some time to allow the teething issues to be sorted out.