LinuxFest Northwest 2020 Roll Call


LinuxFest Northwest: An annual Open Source event co-produced by Bellingham Linux Users Group and the Information Technology department at BTC. LFNW features presentations and exhibits on free and open source topics, as well as Linux distributions & applications, InfoSec, and privacy; something for everyone from the novice to the professional!


April 24 - 26, 2020


Bellingham Technical College
3028 Lindbergh Ave.
Bellingham, WA
United States of America


Start an annual tradition of getting together to share experiences with food, travel, open source, information security, and the Linux kernel and operating system.


My wife and I will be attending.

There are flights directly to Bellingham or you can go into Seattle and take a bus or rent a car to drive. The distance by car is roughly 1 hour 21 minutes whereas the bus trip takes about 2 hours 1 minute.

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Will sleep on it and think about doing LFNW and after that spend some time in Seattle.

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Cot dayum, will understand if you don’t make it. Highway robbery


That’s from Berlin to Bellingham, but, that’s all I know about Germany lmao.

Yep, Hamburg -> Seattle is fine, Hamburg -> Bellingham is a crime. Depending on what I’m planing to do in Seattle I get a car, imma sleep on it and figure out if I wanna spent time in Seattle and do a Q1 vacation in USA :smirk:


Sorry, you can not register for LinuxFest Northwest 2020. Registration limit exceeded or the registration is not open.

alright then.

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Yeah, something on the east coast would be better :smiley: for my poor ass. sorry not paying 1k for just the plane tickets.

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i want a linuxfest midwest, not all of us are coastliners.


I would rather not be on the west coast… I don’t mind going and meeting up and doing shit with you guys though.

Then again east coast isn’t my fav either.

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What do you have against coasts mate?

I loled at “linuxfest” tho

Sry for OT.

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Well all of west coast is meh. North east is also meh. Southeast is good though. Also the south, minus Mississippi… fuck that state.

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only costal states ive been to was maryland and virginia, it was interesting and I liked the mountains but i dont think i would want to live there.

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Man, so many of you are going to miss out :frowning:

I still have the first computer I installed Linux bare metal on, I think I’ll take it with a silver sharpie and have people sign it lol. Maybe the JB crew, Wendell if he’s there… Yous guys…

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I’m going to have to plan it, but 90% in right now.

Yeah, my flights are dirt cheap:


Fuckin first class $440, hell yeah!

Yeah, I’ll ask him if he’s gonna be there.

EDIT: I’m not able to find the signup page for LFNW. Is it not open yet?


Damn that’s legit. Good job man. And 90% is more than epic, so I’ll see you there :wink:

:yay: Gon’ B awsum

Don’t think so. I created an account/registered and I still get the default landing page.




I thought about and I’m gonna say that I do travel to the US I want to do a bit more than just go to LFNW.

Anyone lives in a state where non-US people can visit a shooting range? Because after LNFW slick daddy wants some good BBQ and some guns to shoot. That would make the trip worthwhile tbh.

Go to Vegas

Sounds like Texas to me.

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It’s official: Papadev needs to take SlickDaddy to some Texas BBQ & Shooting Range.

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