Lost in a Land of Confusion

Hello everyone.

My primary battlestation has died :sob: But it’s best to not dwell on the past. So, I am moving forward.

There are a lot of new shiny things out there that all look the same to me. So, I’m curious to know if you guys have some good insight, input, and resources so I can learn a bit more about the modern hardware scene and make an informed decision.

Historically, I’ve been an AMD guy. However, around the 2nd gen Intel Core series, I’ve been Intel and Nvidia.

My personal builds have been:

AMD Phenom II + AMD 7970 (or something like that, I’ll refer to these as the 79XX from here on out).
Intel Core i3 + 560Ti (I experimented with AMD GPU shortly after this, and ditched my 560Ti for the superior card at the time, 79XX something or other).
Intel Core i7 + 970
Intel Core i7 + 1080

Shared, experimental, or FAILED builds have been:

AMD Bulldozer + AMD card (I believe it was the RX series – Shared among roommates).
AMD Ryzen 1800X + RX 570 (CPU was DOA, rinse and repeat two times, and I was able to get Windows working, ended up selling it after maybe a week).
Intel Core i7 8th Gen + Nvidia 1080Ti (Short lived, ended up giving it to my brother for graduation, and he bought the GPU off of me to complete the set).
AMD Ryzen 5 2600 + Nvidia 1070 (Played with it for a week, used it as a Fedora server for a month, installed Windows so the wife had a desktop and could play games).

The shared/failed builds is more to show that I kinda know what new stuff is out there. The build that just died was an i7 4790k. I did save the GPU and SSDs.

I am looking for something to handle the high end aspect of gaming and computing. If I learned anything at DreamHack, it’s that I still love to play video games, I just need people to play them with. I am also looking at running a boat load of virtual machines. The most intensive application I run is probably Adobe Premiere or Visual Studio depending on what it’s doing.

My instinct is to default to a modern Intel and call it a day. However, I’ve been really surprised with the Ryzen 5 2600, a mid tier processor (by AMD standards) and have heard a lot of good things about the potential of next gen Ryzen.

Thoughts? Ideas? Links? Resources? :wink:

Are Toms Hardware and Overclock dot net still valuable resources? It’s been a while since I’ve looked into all this stuff :wink:

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Use current laptops to write a book. With the millions you make buy yourself a super computer.

R7 3700X/3800X or R9 3900X
However much memory you need at at least 3200 MHz and no more than CL15
Applicable motherboard
2080 or 2080Ti (or Radeon VII if you could leverage 16 GB of HBM2)

Past that it would be Threadripper, but a lot of TR is moot IMO with the 3900X.

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Did not know this was out. I will definitely investigate further. :grin: :smiling_imp:

Sorry, I will edit, I did salvage my SSDs and GPU

I recommend getting SandyBridge

Core I5 2500k ?

OC 10GHz ofc

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Its not out quite yet, but soon if you can hold off.

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Like @Adubs said it’s not out yet, but if you can wait one month then it should be good.

Unless AMD somehow manages to completely fuck up the IPC then the 3000 series should be pretty great. 3.8 GHz on twelve cores with a fuckload of cache in the 3900X should make for quite the powerhouse.

Threadripper is pretty sweet because of all the PCIe lanes and whatnot, but you’d also be getting a hotter chip with lower base clock for $100 more.

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if the processor is what died i’m selling a 4790k if you want to just fix it.


Appreciated, but I think there is more under the surface. I had an Evo 212 in storage that I pulled out to swap out the Corsair H100. When I opened the case I smelled burned electronics and felt the heat hit my face. When I replaced everything nothing but the keyboard and mouse would light up.

I think the mobo has been fading for some time, too. Been having weird issues related to audio and peripherals.

yeah… My motherboard from that build only works in single channel mode (due to failure) which is why i finally upgraded.

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I’d definitely look at the 3900x. It’s a solid piece of kit.

Wait for independent reviews ofc.

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In today’s market I would definitely go with a Ryzen based build, if you can’t find a deal on Intel.

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bro, get yourself a nice x570 mobo and a nice 3700X and add some of the gpus and ssds you have, it will be fine.

it will be a huge upgrade and you even get pcie gen 4 which you wont need until 2020 so you will be fine as fuck

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If AMD isn’t lying, they have single core on lock, better power efficiency and more cores.

There is zero reason to go Intel as of R3K.

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I am really curious as well. It may be my first AMD CPU since Phenom II.



What if I just like blue? fite me

God that was the best series.

Appreciate the recommendations, everyone. Gonna do some readin’ and consult the lit’ra’chure.

Toms Hardware and Overclock.net still worth it?

  • Yea
  • Nah

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I mean, toms is okay, overclock is usually really good. But it depends on the release. Also, wait for reviews. Don’t just trust the speculation.


wait for benchmarks and compare benchmarks from different sources.