[MCVET] Fictional writing

This is my place to post a series of short stories. I don’t always have the imagination, drive or ideas about what to write, but I do have a few stories in my head that I started and left unfinished. Maybe this topic will hold me accountable I end up writing more regularly and actually finish these short stories.
Feel free to comment and correct any grammar mistakes you find. I don’t mind. I generally correct as I’m writing, but I tend to miss stuff, and proof-reading only occurs a few days later.

All that being said, this is a story about a woman named Celeste. I started this story with a few paragraphs on the blue lounge forum and will continue it here. I edited parts of “Part 1” in some ways, like adding the name of the heroine.

A short story about Celeste:

Chapter 1.

She was picking berries on her way to the rabbit traps. They were a bit sour for her liking, but tasty nevertheless. After gathering a fistful, she moved on towards her destination. The rabbit traps weren’t far from her village, just enough, though so wildlife could wander into them peacefully. They were designed in such a way that made the animal suffer as little as possible. Death came almost instantly.

Celeste had caught three rabbits.

“Good,” she said “the wolves didn’t get them yet.”

Suddenly, four loud blasts came from the direction of the village, which promptly caused her to cut her finger on the knife, while cutting her supper loose from the traps. “What the hell,” Celeste screamed wonderingly. As she turned toward the village, she saw a broad pillar of smoke rising through the air. She climbed the nearest tallest tree to get a better view. No doubt about it…the village was under attack.

She ran back as fast as she could desperately thinking to herself “No, no, no, no, please, this can’t be happening.”

She had reached the village in record time. But records didn’t matter. In a few minutes, unbeknownst to her, she would travel much faster. But what she saw in the village made her heart sink into her stomach.

She fell down on her knees and clutched her chest in pain as she saw the ruins of what was just an hour ago her home village. Gasping for air the rage inside her built up. Her mind racing around trying to figure out who would do such a thing. She looked around in a haze searching for survivors, but she could see no one immediately. She got up, breathing heavily still, and started to look around, avoiding what flames she could.

Slowly she came up to the townhouse, or what was left of it, and entered through the nearly collapsed gate. Everyone she ever knew was inside. Dead. Massacred mercilessly. Women, children, men. Teachers, farmers, guards, all of them.

In that moment her eyes went white with rage and all rationality left her body and mind. The anger and the desperation took over. She didn’t know about the power she had inside. She knew was strong, but never imagined the scale of it, let alone the powers inside her. It took her by surprise and consumed her completely. The anger lead, and she had no say in it. It was all fine with her as if she had a choice. All her senses spiked up and she could feel, hear and see everything within a 5-mile radius. It was enough. She found the brutes responsible. And they had a prisoner. A young girl from the village. Being dragged along the brutes in a net. Scratched, bruised and frightened to the core of her being.

In a flash she was outside of the village and she was moving with a purpose. The brutes, drinking, laughing, oblivious to the fact they were about to experience excruciating pain. All of the battle hardened and experienced fighters, many of whom have experienced terrors themselves and barely lived to tell anyone about them. But all of that was irrelevant. This would be their end.

As our heroine approached the group of 45 murderers, thieves and pillagers, she stopped in the middle of them and decided that the small girl needed not hear and see what was about to happen.

They all jumped in shock as she suddenly appeared in their midst and suddenly stopped to comprehend what was exactly was happening. Celeste grabbed the net and jumped outside of the group inside the trees to set the girl free and block all her senses. She was to see, hear and feel nothing until they were safe. Celeste put her hand on the girls forehead and a the girls body flashed a bright blue light for a moment and the girl fell against the tree.

Now it was their turn. As Celeste approached the crowd again, they were surprised at her boldness, shocked even. How dare she? Who even is she? It would remain a mystery to them. They attacked and she repelled every punch, knife stab, sword swing, and arrow shot. She blocked attacks seamlessly and with every block, the attackers exploded. Their arms and large portions of their bodies ripped to pieces by the force of her counters. Merciless, she moved through the group and one by one they fell to the ground, painting it red with their blood. All dead, except one. This one would talk. Voluntarily or not. The pain will be a great motivator.

“Who are you and why did you attack my village, ” Celeste demanded with a weird deep, almost demonic but still in part, her own voice.

“Fuck you, you’ll never getAAAARGHH,” she crushed and ripped his wrist away with her bare hand and repeated the question.

The motivation worked. The man saw she was having none of it and before he could say anything Celeste stomped his thigh so hard that he almost fell unconscious. She wasn’t going to let him off that easy. She sent a bit of her energy inside his body and he remained conscious and in serious pain. Gasping for breath and gathering his thoughts he cried “Wait, I’ll talk…give me a moment. We didn’t care about your village. This was a hit. Our boss got a bunch of gold from someone. We were to kill everyone and bring back a single child. That was it…Our tribe didn’t care for your village. We didn’t even know you existed,”

“And now you do. And now you will fear me, and you will die. Where are the rest of your people,” Celeste asked impatiently.
"I won’t live to warn them, will I?”
“You will not. But you will suffer in far greater pain until you answer my question.”
“We’re up north. The nearer you get to us, the better you’ll know where to go.”

With that Celeste stepped back from the man, still facing him. She lifted her hand toward him and mumbled something to herself. A curse? An incantation? Probably, who knows. Whatever it was, it made the man float up in the air just above the ground and he started getting ripped apart. Bit by bloody bit he screamed, until there were no more organs to keep him alive.

After she was done, she knelt down and lay her palm on the ground. Another incantation later and the rest of the bodies evaporated into oblivion. A few craters and blood spatters here and there, but aside from that, a clean forest. It’ll all grow back.

Celeste came back to her own self as the anger subsided. She remembered it all. She witnessed what she had done. Coming back to herself her emotions got the better of her again and she cried out in agony over her loss. A powerful shock-wave left her body. Felt far and wide. Almost reaching the dark clouds gathering above the forest.

She slowly stood up. With tears flowing down her cheeks, she took the little girl, and put her on her back. They slowly walked back to whatever was left of the village. They had a lot of work to do. The girl came back to her senses but was sound asleep, exhausted from what happened.