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This is going to be finished later, but eventually this will be a landing page that links to other threads I’m doing, or things that I don’t think need a full thread in of themselves.

This is a fresh and wholly original idea, so hang in there while I tread new ground!

This is a place holder, when I have more time I’ll make it look snazzy.

Digital Nomad/Technomad
What are you Growing (Plants, Garden, Farm)
Post Great Comics or Graphic Novels
Post Your Classic or Nostalgic Games
Post Intresting Open Source Projects

Ongoing Projects:
MFZuul Tries It:x131e Arch Based Edition
MFZuul tries it: Macbook Air 2009 (Linux Edition)
MFZuul tries it: Thin PC ‘Does This PC Make Me Look Fat’ Saga
MFZuul tries it: LineageOS (Tinder Edition)

NODE VOL 1 Zine Review


  • Libre and Core- The Fall of IME
  • Meme or Dream- Using the Eoma68
  • Using Godot Engine- MFZuul Makes a Game
  • :void: :void: :void: :void: :void:
  • AppleTv no more: Bespoke free-range LinuxTv
  • Tepache: It’s fermented so its ok
  • Fermented Garlic Honey
  • Yuzu Kosho: fancy green
  • Make a youtube to rip off “it’s alive”


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idk what you are talking about. this is

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Just got the N-O-D-E zine, will make a review in a few days


@rgk what do you think of void?

I tried it awhile back and now that my easy button larbs is going to be usable on it I think I may try it out again.

I just didn’t see that much to pull me to it over everything else.

gek does not distro hop

I don’t think anything of it

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I mean it doesn’t use system-bloat, so if that’s your thing :man_shrugging: :joy:

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I like the idea of no bloat but fail to really see the big deal about systemd ( but that could be my noobness)

I liked void cuz it was ez to install with the same ideas of the Arch but didnt stick with it cuz I wanted to try and learn arch

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ur just repeating after ((( Looke Smeeth )))

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my interest is peaked again with the advent of larbs going there with dwm.

I tried void after watching his first video on it lol I’ll admit that haha

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u know I think I’ll stick with i3, I don’t like automatic layouts

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personal preference or for a technical/none bloat reason?

the machine shall do as I tell it, not the reverse

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I thought dwm was in the same philosophical boat and i3 was the opposite

dwm has auto-layouts, that’s a big no no to me

I guess I’ll have to look more into it, as I must not know what auto-layouts really are. from what I was reading it seemed that i3 gave you less control than dwm.

i3 just splits the screen, while from what I’ve seen dwm has layouts that arrange your windows depending on which one is main. unless I am horribly mistaken that’s that. it’s more rigid.

need to import the best of from mine.

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Ya today I’m going to imports some stuff over

found this

I do have some old ipods… new project for summer?