MFZuul tries it: Diet Nextcloud (All cloud no calories edition)

Ok so this will be a slow go,and everything I have done so far… I will probably have to redue lol

So this video popped up in my feed again:

Looked into Diet Pi again and liked how simple and light it is, with options to add more at startup.

So I thought I would try out doing nextcloud, dietpi has it in the options looks easy and I am bored.


  • Install
    Super easy, got the iso, used etcher, plug and play. Right in setup menu has nextcloud
(forgot to take a pic but here is one of the install menu)


  • Setup
    Had to delete the config file and set up a basic sql deal. This is a test so I didn’t bother with adding a harddrive…yet. Setup screen is now there, fill in the blanks and boom, done.

  • Joplin
    was pretty easy to set up, pointed it to a Joplin folder as was good to go. Only issue is the file names are unreadable so if I was to look at them in nextcloud I will have no clue what note is what. Oh well

  • Pi Performance
    not shabby, Memory is at 158M/976M at idle or in use. At rest CPU is at 1.3% on one core, when in use (loading files, deck, mail, calendar, so on) most stay below 20% with one going as high as 40% however after the loading it all idles back to that 1.3%. I will say some things a bit slow to load, but its a pi3 and about 1 to 2 seconds tops of wait time.


  • Get feet wet in personal cloud service
  • Test viability of pi for personal server for syncing Joplin and other apps


  • Pi3 (no wifi)/ Pi3 (with wifi)
  • 32gb Transcend msd
  • HD TBA

To do:

  1. Flesh out thread
  2. Find HDD/SSD and usb adapter
  3. Install again
  4. Add pictures
  5. Setup Nextcloud
  6. Sync Joplin
  7. Sync Phone
  8. Test Photo backup
  9. Test Joplin backup
  10. Test Apps for Nextcloud

don’t do docker, just install snap :wink:

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My thinking is I could do nextcloud, bitwarden, vpn, so on with docker.

However, it’s a pi… sooo would it be worth it as its so weak? I see videos and write ups on it but a lot of them are clustering pi’s.



Honestly with Ubuntu it just makes the most sense :wink:




Oh my god no. With the PI you need to be resource conscious. Which means either use snap or go compile packages for it or use the debs people make. You want to have an efficient use of your resources.

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Ya thats what I was thinking, diet pi has an option to load it for you, and so thats what my scrub ass will do.

For the VPN, was just going to to it for peace of mind for syncing, not to be a self hosted daily use. I hear that nextcloud does encrypt data transfers but havent looked into that to make sure.


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Just use this. The sheer amount of overhead for OVPN or even wireguard on a pi isn’t worth it. E2E is efficient enough on nextcloud. Learn to harden it and make good and revokable certs etc. Then you will have piece of mind. Universal two factor is good for logins. Don’t run a shit setup. If you are going to learn it. Do it right security conscious from the get go. It’s a pain but fun to learn how to harden it and it’s backends. Remember it’s also only as secure as you let the pi be with the LAMP stack you will be running. (Should you choose mariadb)

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Idk what any of this means, so I will have to look into it.

OK so it does do end to end on its own, I’ll have yo see about best practices on hardenin.

I plan on using it locally first for awhile before putting it into full service. My thinking is I will be reinstalling a few times before I get it right

Next cloud runs on a stack of tech. It’s abbreviated lamp. Your Operating system, Linux, is the base layer. Then Apache, your web daemon sits on top of your OS. Then your database stores all the information served by your web daemon (MariaDB), and PHP … hence LAMP

They have good documentation

As for best practices

Have fun :wink:

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Ohhhh got ya, I knew the stack just not the acronym lol, neat thanks

I’ll look at that doc, was going to read their stuff today anyway as the videos I watched didn’t really get into.the hardening part.

FYI encryption sucks on a pi performance wise but lol that’s due to the lack of AES-NI don’t worry about it. Enjoy your project

I don’t do encryption on my NC

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it’s local only, if you got into my apt, you can read my fanfic

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I’m thinking maybe having a small separate wifi bubble in my room, main wifi in my house can be picked up outside easily and I have roommates.

I would like to back stuff up on the go, but I suppose I could live with backing up when I get home.

got it up and running local host, seems to work pretty darn well. As this was a test no HD was connected and I will be wiping and reinstalling again with hard drives set up so I can get used to everything I need to do.

Really like it so far!

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