MFZuul Tries it: OnePlus to rule them all (It Just Works Edition)

It is amazing that a phone that came out in 2014 is still supported with Linage OS 16.0 (Android 9), They still are pricey at $70-100 but if you want a good phone under $200 it’s worth imo.

This thing feels amazing, and you don’t even need gapps/opengapps to get to the play store and get apps to work (that I use anyway).


    • Get phone
    • Get adb, LineageOS, TWRP, FDroid
    • Fastboot TWRP
    • Side load LineageOS, FDroid
    • Profit
  1. Get Phone

Beyond this phone, check The downloads page of LineageOS to make sure the phone is supported and has the latest version or at minimum one behind.

You can get phones on eBay, maybe your friend has one, FB marketplace, so on.
For this phone I will say if you are paying over $100 it’s not worth it imo, look into the Nexus 6 or pixel.
Make sure any phone you get is factory unlocked, and NEVER Verizon!!

  1. Get adb, LineageOS, TWRP, FDroid
  1. Fastboot TWRP
  2. Side load LineageOS, FDroid

Go here:

It’s the official walk through, super simple. Now to note if you want to Root the phone make sure to do this before loading LineageOS get their SU tool or go grab Magisk:

I did Magisk this time, I have never used it before but wanted to try.

  1. Profit

Now on the don’t need gapps, get the aurora store from Fdroid


Real world testing soon

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why would you censor that?

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for fun

updated so if we ever get new ppl in here they can follow a guide

Waiting on a case and protector to transfer over, should be this weekend

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