MFZuul tries it: Proxmox/Debian Server(s) (Brainlet Edition)

Ok so I probably over did it… and should have built one with new hardware… but I didn’t cuz I’m dumb.

I got a T1700 for cheap as I was thinking that just OMV or FreeNAS would be it for me. However, I say that for what I wanted to do it seems like I would outgrow it really quick (I should had asked everyone first but w/e). So I also got a T7600 that seems like it will do me just fine for a long time.

Dell T1700 Workstation

1x4-Core E3-1245 v3
4x8Gb ECC ram


Dell Precision T7600

2xIntel Xeon E5-2620
2xNvidia Quadro k2000 Graphics Cards
4x4Gb ECC ram
1x3Tb Seagate Hard Drive
1xRaid Controller


And for the full experience:


2x6Tb HGST Ultrastar Renewed - $216
Meme Stickers - $15

Still waiting on both of them in the mail.

Thought I would post this now as I get ready and see what ya’ll think.

I plan on using the T7600 with Proxmox to make VMs so that I can do everything I want on one machine and keep track of all of it easily.

What I want it to do:
File server
Jellyfin sever
Deepfake Meme rendering
Riot Server
Rocket Server
Jisti Server
Video Rendering
Meshroom box
AI box (pocket sphinx or some such local hosted voice assistant)
Hass io (maybe)
Steam Cache (maybe)
Git (maybe)

T1700 Debian 10, Docker

File server




Turn it into a how to?


I will so you all can laugh lol, and for myself so I can bring it up later when I forget what I did


This is great if you have a slow network or host a LAN party


Ok got the other server. Now the real question is how hard is it to do this:

Proxmox and make a VM of freenas then use it to have my drives with ZFS with the option to add more drives to this later.

is that hard? Dumb? basicly I want to know do I need all the drives now or can I add them over time say in twos? I have 2 drives of 6tb now that I want to use ZFS with.

Last question this post… is it worth doing ZFS or should I just not worry about redundancy?


if your plan is to create vdevs with two 6tb drives in a mirror… then yes that will work.

depends… are you going to have regular backups or not care about losing your zpool?


ya that was the plan in my head

ehhhhh not really, as this would be my backup in theory. Which is why I wanted to do ZFS in case a drive dies

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More pics in op now


raid is not a backup


True, I am just worried about a drive failing. But maybe I should just skip the ZFS for now.

In an ideal world I would have another offsite backup or cloud solution, Buuutttt ya know money and location issues for all of it


Waiting on some ram, the T7600 didn’t have much and so I got 128gb of ecc otw from ebay.

Both need a clean, but the T7600 is reeaaalllyyy dirty. Got to dust and clean them off first, if I get really randy I may put new past on it.

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let me live in my false hopes. raid1 is all an honest man needs

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I feel severely overshadowed by your homelab

The ultimate way to trigger anyone server / network is to tell them you are using raid 1 as a backup…

it gets them every time :smiley:


don’t out me like that

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Oof I need an adapter piece that does not seem to be sold by it self. Soooo in the mean time I will take the smaller server and make it the brainlet server for now. I will put Freenas on it and use that to get plex and all that shit up and running.

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now to add the 6tb and get stuff up and running.

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And done, now to install stuff

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Wooooow I am now a super nerd like all of you with FreeNAS.

Soon it will be wiped for a Deb install and lazydocker lol just wanted to try freenas out.

Well nothing works… nextcloud doesn’t like me and plex says there is an error. Guess I did something wrong.