MFZuul tries it: Warpath to an Open-System (OpenWRT/Sense)

Been wanting to use only meme software for awhile now, so to be truly free in this cyberdystopia I wish to use “Open” software. So I will make an Opensense box and, cuz then I have even more stuff to go wrong, for wifi I got a router and put OpenWRT on it.

OpenSense box

I got a HP T610 Plus box, seems like the 620 is the most popular however I did see a few 610s that looked like it should work so I went with the cheapest option to test it out. Got it for $50 with shipping. I love how easy this is to take apart, tool less and great for a tool like me to use.


It came with a ATI card woooow

Next Gen GPU

Had a 4gb little flash card in there but I took it out and placed a SSD, overkill at 240g but I had them laying around.

SSD Speeedd

For the NIC I got a Intel Pro/1000 VT Quad Port… buuuuttt i for the mini bracket as I thought the 610 would use that…


it does not lol so I have to wait for a replacement bracket.


Got a steal on a WRT1900AC for $40 bucks. I love the look as my dad would use DD-WRT on older Linksys routers that looked just like it but smaller. While I love ddwrt, I have heard that OpenWRT is a bit better and wanted to check it out.


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Installing is ez, get file from site and click start:

Though it is for the better model ACS same process and classic look in the body.

I do have an issue:

To be continued

EDIT: no longer going to use PFsense, though the question remains the same with VPNs and DNS.

I do have a question for big brains, looking into DNS blocking and what not I see issues running a VPN and pihole or PFblocker.

I want to run these to stop adds and what now network wide, but I also want to run traffic through a vpn. Is there a way besides pihole and pfblocker to do this locally without DNS leaks? I see this is an issue that does not seem to be answered by anything but a no.