MFZuul tries it: X131e (Arch-Based Edition)

Welcome to the CF that will be me trying to be like the rest of you and not be a faker pleb. Watch me be unable to do simple installs, tasks, console command. Have a good laugh at my pure lack of knowledge for basic tasks, and may spam my DMs with hate on how incompetent I am!

:heavy_check_mark:Step one:
Get my Thinkpad X131e in the mail

Xl3le 1 pics




X131e 1 Specs:
CPU: 1.5 GHz Intel Celeron 1007U
STORAGE: 16GB Solid state Drive
OS: Chrome

Looks like it fell off a truck, but for $50 not bad.

Xl3le 2 pics




Xl3le 2 Specs:
CPU: AMD 1.3GHZ Dual Core
STORAGE: 320GB Spinning Rust

Cleaner, has spinning rust but the pure AMD chip is nice

:heavy_check_mark:Step two:
Pick the flavor of Manjaro I want to use, thinking KDE

:heavy_check_mark:Step two and one twenty-fifth:
Blue team bad, Red Team good
Chrome was being unreasonable, thankfully second X131e had windows on it and got into the boot select no problem. Also it has an AMD chip in it, so therefore better.

:heavy_check_mark:Step two and ten thirty-second:

:heavy_check_mark:Step two and five eighteenth:
Break the install by installing things I barley understand and needing to start anew
:heavy_check_mark:Step Two and Five Nineteenth:
Wipe it all and install Archlabs
:heavy_check_mark:Step two and nine nineteenth:
Rice it out with LARBS and start learning
:heavy_check_mark:Step Two and Eight Seventeenths
Ditch ArchLabs and Install Antergos and LARBS it

:x:Step Four:
Use and abuse as my daily driver for work

So to do:

  • Learn VIM :heavy_check_mark:
  • Change background :heavy_check_mark:
  • Learn more commands
  • Learn to get to config file to make macros
  • Fix wifi :heavy_check_mark:

Things I think could help:

  • 1x SSD :heavy_check_mark:
  • 1x 4gb RAM :heavy_check_mark:

Updates soon™
Learning intensifies


Are you currently running Antergos ? It’s EOL, they are shutting the project down so don’t get too comfortable.


get :arch: or get shafted


Just move to openSUSE master race. Bloat is the GOAT !

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don’t make make this post all orange and shit

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Feel free to make my post all yellow. I don’t mind it, I know I have the superior OS.

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I have been told that they plan on migrating everyone to Arch in a update soon, so I will luck out and get Arch with no effort!

I am pissed all these Arch likes are shutting down…

when classes end I will be doing a true Arch install… the dumpster fire will be real


Arch is trash, that’s why they are shutting down … @rgk fight me !

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yeah, about Void … waste of time, they named it Void because it’s a Space-Time Void.

Using it causes you to both loose brain cells and your time.

After using it for a while you are left in the Void of the deepest depression ever possible for a human being.

/ just joking btw, BUT all the big distros are the only good distros - Ubuntu/Fedora/OpenSUSE :smiley:

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fixed :wink:

I have not heard good things on OpenSUSE for daily driver use

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This is where you hear about it then.
2 years and still going strong.

what have you heard until now ? @BirdoBaggins also is on OpenSUSE.

Manjaro was unstable mess last time I checked it, might be better now.

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Thats what I hear too, but been using it with no issues.

I hear the install is overly complicated, bloated and heavy.

I might give it a go if I ever decide to distro hop again.

I wouldn’t say “overly” you can click next next next until the end and it will install no problem ( except at a certain point you have to choose DE, the is no preselected option that’s why ).

But it can be complicated as it is feature rich. You can add/remove default packages before you install, setup firewall,ssh and things like that, there are a lot of options in it.

100% true. It is bloated and heavy for sure. But still this is just an installer I had to use it for my main rig once in 2 years.

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Updated with some pics, will post some neofetch proof tomorrow and the cool Arch sticker on the x131e.

I have used it for a whole day by itself, and while I love it… the fan blows high all the time. When I tried to fix it… I messed something up and now my cpu ramps up to 100% at idle with htop. It’ll go all over the place too when you let it sit.

So I need to wipe and reinstall. Got to fix the fan, it should not be getting hot, would a clean real Arch install would fix these issues?

More to come


Not really an issue that applies to “daily use

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