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I use Momentum in my browsers to keep track of tasks and simple todo lists. These range from “clean up e-mail” to “study for AWS SysOps”. On top of being useful for keeping me aware of what needs to be done, little nuggets of pep and inspiration are given each day. Today’s is:

“If you don’t like where you are, change it. You’re not a tree.”

This was said by Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. Never heard of the guy before today, but he made a great point. That quote also inspired this thread!

What gets you out of bed? What do you do for motivation? How do you seek inspiration? Do you seek it, or do you naturally let it fall in your path when it may?

I recall a prominent writer once said: “We can’t always wait for inspiration, sometimes you have to write when you are uninspired.” I found that interesting, because I believe that feeds into determination, the brother or cousin to inspiration.

I know a few of you have read, watched, and listened to Jocko Willink. He has an incredible charisma about him, able to spark fire and initiate action into even the most lethargic. Will Smith, Dwayne Johnson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many others have been recorded performing captivating speeches. Who have you been inspired by?


I’m a creature of habit, and I hate it.

For whatever reason, I feel like it takes a massive amount of effort to just start a project. I wish I had some sort of internal drive to improve my situation, but I’ve grown lazy and am content to be lazy.

Anyone know of a good mobile app that gives hourly reminders? I feel like if I set a schedule, I can more easily get into the groove of what I’m supposed to be doing.


You can definitely use this to your advantage. If you’re on a set schedule you can build onto or workaround it without needing much adjustments.

No :confused: Sorry. I used to use a few. Not so much for the reminders but for the widgets. So whenever I’d unlock my phone I’d see my list for the day. I ended up moving to the browser to manage this

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First of all I’m going to start with a bunch of videos that are, at least to me, very motivational and inspiring:

Just like a lot of people here I am too in the movement of how ever you want to describe as self-help or self-improvement.

The thing is that it is fairly easy to find good stuff online that help with motivation and inspiration but what works for me really well are the works of Akira the Don, the guy that started the whole meaningwave genre with the JBPWAVE Tracks on youtube:

(I believe this is the first video after Peterson got huge on social media)

And this is something that I still sometimes listen to just because Peterson is absolutely on point on what he is saying.

Another thing I’m absolutely obsessed with is the complete overhauling and total improvement of myself. Mostly because I do not think that is very pragmatic to only change one thing about myself when I know that there are a lot of other things to improve as well.

So it started with Peterson and his content, lectures and interviews, continued with the MEANINGWAVE from Akira the Don, which also covers Jockos works, Alan Watts, David Goggins, David Foster-Wallace, Terrence McKenna, Eric Weinstein, Gary Vee, Joe Rogan.

Just look at all his stuff, all aimed directly at easy consumption with maximum motivation and inspiration to better yourself.


“You need to improve, not because you are worse than other people but because you are not everything you could be. And you have nothing better to do.”

- Jordan B. Peterson

And since Naval Ravikant was on the Joe Rogan Podcast, Akira also has done an Album out of that Podcast and one Track is speaking to me way too much:

“Specific Knowledge, feels like play to me, it looks like work to others.”

And maybe it resonates so deeply within me because I’m on this path since Peterson got huge a year or one and a half ago but I’m so fucking done with this bullshit lifestyle that most people live like I did in the past of just doing your job, not making money, not creating value, not working towards wealth, only complaining about everybody else who makes money or is successful.

Because that is the path of the weak, of the procrastinators and the voice of self-sabotage.

Take responsibility of everything in the most extreme sense and owning it also means that you have to improve everything you do and everything you go about. And that is rewarded by everyone around you.

I fucking love it, I have never been happier in my life, had never better connections with my parents, my friends or just all the people I met for 15 seconds while grocery shopping, it does not matter, because if you are on the path of meaning and truth people around you notice.

Society rewards the good and I truly and deeply believe that this is only the beginning in which we are at the cutting edge of it.

And the more you are in the zone and stay there, the more momentum you build up which makes you even more powerful. And for some reason when I write about this or talk about this I somewhat get tears in my eyes which I do not understand why that is but I feel like that only means that I am aligned with whatever I need to be in alignment with.


Speaking of my own experience: You lack the necessity to improve.

When I was unemployed without any sort of prospect to what I would do with my life at age 26, broke as fuck, eating one meal a day, massively depressed, catatonic, suicidal, almost becoming homeless only then I got the drive to go and do something about it. And I did. 8 hours a day of training with 2-3 hours of additional learning in my freetime.
I passed 7 exams in 14 weeks to get IT-certificates and landed a job with higher pay that I have ever held, since then it just got better. I still work a lot and love it and every time I “cheat on myself” in terms of doing things that are expedient I feel really really bad because I know deep down, that I’m wasting my time and money on old, bad, dishonest habits.

If you want to improve you will find enough way to do it and enough means to achieve it.

The real question is are you willing to “sacrifice” what you do now, that is not improving you, to work on yourself, your skillset, your habits and your mind.

As harsh as it sounds: The only thing that is holding you back is yourself.

So listen to Jocko or Peterson, Bucko, and start by cleaning your room (:lobster:) or start working out or clean up your diet. It does not matter.

The key is not to everything perfect from now on but to get into the habit of improving everything you do one thing at a time.

It get’s easier as you go along and you won’t recognise yourself in 6 months.


To build onto this, if anyone likes playing games: This is akin to “leveling up” – Right now you’re level 1. You got A+ and Sec+? Level 5. You got CCNA/MCSA/AWS SA? Nice, you’re level 10! You get your talent points to distribute, an achievement/trophy, and a bigger weapon set/spell set.
MCSE/RHCE/CCNP? Level 20. You get a mount, more talent points, bigger spells/skills… You get the idea. This makes life as addicting as some people find gaming. The grind of farming for quests is now a grind of soaking up knowledge and bettering yourself.

Damn dude! HeathLedgerClap.gif

That’s super impressive. Were you the one on Reddit that made the app to feed their cat? :thinking:

Totally agree on this. I realized with my current schedule I didn’t have time to ascend through the I.T. ranks. So, I woke up two hours earlier every day. It sucked, for a while, but I noticed that it helped. When I got off work I wasn’t rushing to cram or lab, I was kicking back, eating dinner, watching a show or two, and then going back to work. When you start your day off being productive, exercising, whatever, the rest of the day is easy.


These are very true. I make enough money to not suffer.

I don’t starve, and I make rent every month pretty easily. My hobbies are hamstrung by my pay, so I don’t have much money to play with at the end of the month. But I am at a steady stasis.

My room is a bit of a mess… My room is so full of stuff that it stifles any creativity. So I need to build a place where I can work on projects.


It’s also not that you go into work as “I have to do the thing to get the reward” but to “I solve problems and improve my ability to solve problems and I get rewarded for it” and I think that is more addictive as the mechanic of a game itself although it is the same mechanic of solving a problem and getting rewarded for it.

Thanks! I’m somewhat proud of it because I wanted to pass everything first try and I did everything I could to maximize the chances of that happening. So I did exactly that and succeeded as a result.

And it still is good reminder for myself that I can basically accomplish way more than I do now if I would actually do everything I could to accomplish it.

Technically you are asleep then and only do what you have to do to remain where you are which means that everybody else who is improving is moving ahead while you are moving backwards since all and everything is moving ahead in time.



No one needs more than Edna Mode:
“Go! Fight! Win! And call me when you get back, dahling, I enjoy our visits.” -Edna

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mumbles excuses

Lol, I’ll get to it today after work. Gotta go buy a folding table, then make a trip to a charity donation center to dump off a bunch of useless crap that I have laying around in boxes.

Also, found a useful app that gives recurring push notification reminders.




whats the app?

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It’s called Recurlog. Pretty simple. You can set recurring reminders for anything. Remind me every one day, every 2 days, every 3 days, etc.


Basically like everyone else mentioned- found J Peterson, JRE and others- some are great like a shot of cappuccino, a hit but it wears off- but they go an extra mile and also have spiels about what you need to do to keep it going (such as taking care of your body- routines and such).

But ultimately after many years of life experience now (not a young buck anymore), this I really identify with:

IMO a 1st world problem that is really a thing

So damn true. Had a teacher that harped on this when we fell short and it rings so true to this day. He would simply say ‘where there is a will there is a way’ which was a nice way of saying ‘if you really wanted what you are saying you wanted, you would have it’.




Make it a habit, make it inevitable, make it your top priority, make it something you cannot cheat on.

installed it, thanks fam! :pray:

Maybe this Song can help the undecided or the ones who don’t know how to start or why to start:

Let go of things that are already dead and hinder you in getting better.


Not sure why this thread exists.

1st rule in life - There is a difference between knowing the path and walking it.

A place for people to share their motivation, inspiration, successes, failures, etc.

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Momentum Daily:

“Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.”

- Robert Tew

I’ve run into this for years at a time, but the flip-side is that people know I honor my commitments… and that comes back to me in many different ways.

What infuriates me lately is how often the commitment I’d like to walk away from as it no longer supports me, grows me or makes me happy is other humans encroaching ever further into my daily life where they have no business being whether they claim government authority or otherwise… We have a sizeable group of people failing to uphold their commitment to civilization by imposing upon me in uncivilized ways and claiming they are just “following orders” in one way or another.

I’ve also been slogging through a commitment to my family and kids specifically that I’d do again in a heartbeat for the last 3 years.

So, TL;DR, nice sound-bite, but ultimately a bit empty for solving real problems…

Be as hyped as Steve Ballmer is: