Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Audio Mod

This thread is for dumping ideas about adding Bluetooth audio to a motorcycle helmet.

Looking at Koss for affordable audio solutions and ease of mod:



@Adubs found a Bluetooth audio receiver we can use for pretty cheap.

I’ll be using this Fiio BTR5, as I already have it on hand:

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Curious how something like this would work

One problem I see is clearance inside the helmet itself. My helmet is a snug fit, not much room for a headphone driver.

Those would get ripped off my head as soon as I try to put my helmet on.

I think Adubs and I are looking for something to affix to the helmet itself for ease of use.

Thought the hooks might hold em in place.

My ears fold in half getting my helmet on. Lmao

Maybe my helmet is too tight? Feels okay though.

Supposed to be pretty tight, finger between forehead and helmet.

Tough the width varies a bit, it shouldn’t squeeze your ears.

I believe it fits right. Just hard to imagine squeezing something else next to my ears.

after perusing parts express for smaller full range drivers I’m firmly in the using headphones camp.

I think the open back design is the ideal speaker since they’re tuned to run open baffle anyway. I just need something I can easily pull the drivers from.

the question I’m wondering is how good to the open back cans sound when you dont have surrounds…

I seriously doubt you’re fitting a whole ass driver comfortably.

Also, fuck me it wants to go there!

It’s too tight of a fit. It digs into my ears uncomfortably.

The ones I found that fit would be terrible frequency response

These are so close to perfectly fitting, it’s unfair.

I think the problem is that they aren’t sitting flat due to the nubbin that holds the hook on the back.

Guess the nub is coming off.

how big are those drivers?


Frequency response graph of these if you care.

If I’m being honest, this may be da wey.

It fits perfectly under the padding, enough sound gets through to not be muffled, and it only rubs my ears very slightly in one place. I think I can remove more plastic on the edges of the driver enclosure, and I probably won’t even feel it after that.

Removing the trim as I type

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Trimming the sides didn’t help. Either my helmet is too tight, or I need to take the enclosure to the driver completely off in order to get it far enough away from my ear.

Do it.

The headphones only cost $13, of course I’m doing that.


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