Networking for Systems Administrators Part II

Last half of the review is in today!

Sneak peak into new segment: Head in the Clouds

Networking for Systems Administrators Part II

  • Packet Sniffing
  • Creating Traffic
  • Server Packet Filtering
  • Tracing Problems
  • Final Word

Even if you fail utterly, at least you’ll finally know if that firewall port is open or not.

oh shiiiiiiiiiittttttt

this is great.

I really like this series. My networking game is probably the weakest part for me.

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Same! Which is why I bought the book lmao. It had a lot of really great tips and tricks. Ton of insight into what network engineers need and go through on a day to day. The bits about security and I.T. culture were :ok_hand: too

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Yeah, people always get that wrong.

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This was the first book I read cover to cover by Michael W. Lucas. I’m going to read Ed Mastery and Absolute OpenBSD next.

The dude is the most well hidden gem in I.T. imo. Insane wealth of knowledge in concise, readable formats.

Networking for Systems Administrators wasn’t even 200 pages. I learned more in that book than any other technical book I’ve read lately.

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Oh god.

First Vim, now Ed?

Intervention time.

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Lmao. You can’t stop it



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Dude, don’t get me started.

I was tempted to buy into the x230 meme.

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Oh shit.

CC: @adubs

The router I have coming in is Coreboot lol. OPNsense as the host.


I still might do it, but I gotta get my CTRL fixed first.

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Uh oh. That doesn’t sound good.

But yeah, regarding the above, I have more *BSD hosts/VMs than I do now Linux now :sunglasses: :mage:

Ehh, just having custom firmware bugs.

Nothing world-ending.

I fell back to a previous git revision and I’m all good. Just gotta work out why master ain’t stable.

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which one?

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I was flagging you for the x230 input :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But it’s a Protectli router.

This only shows the Celeron?? Atom is supported?

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According to their site yeah. Maybe I’m wrong :frowning: