North American Windows User Group

Hello fellow Windows user, whom hail from the new world. This is a general thread for us normies.

I’ll start off by saying what my favorite stability and benchmark application in Windows is.


It is impossible to get 100% stability in handbrake even if you are stable in prime95 and AIDA64 for 24 hrs of testing. Handbrake uses AVX, which atleast in AMDs case is behind that of Intel HEDT. I also use handbrake to bench my CPU from gen to gen. For instance (running everything at stock settings), my 1700 got 17 FPS with a episode of a tv show @ 1080p h265. My 1800x got 19fps, my 2700x gets around 23fps and my 3900x gets around 50fps.

I never have really been one to test single thread or core workloads. As my workload never needs just one thread. The games I play use more than 4 cores, besides runescape. And Runescape can run on a potato for 2003.

What are your workloads? What do you play? What programs do you use to watch and listen to media? etc


Damn boi !

Writing and compiling programs in Java, Go, C#, C++

Writing and running programs in Python, Ruby, and JavaScript

Editing audio and video tracks

Right now, not a whole lot. WoW, Overwatch (stopping after this weekend), APEX Legends (stopping after this weekend), Fallout 3 (started over), Tyranny (started over), Fallout New Vegas (started over).

Firefox for Spotify, Prime, and Netflix.
VLC for Bluray.

chrome browser


chrome browser


Nasty. Google tracking you, uses so much ram, adblockers getting disabled soon, and I use it too.

you say this in Windows User Group ? Interesting :thinking:


Microsoft is my baby. I don’t care about them tracking me, cause I a normie. But Google’s former slogan is “Don’t be evil” and they changed it.


Have all of you tried linux? :wink:

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“Be the best evil”

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In home streamen

Factorio, LoL, drive are my top 3.

Chrome or vlc.

I have a dedicated Linux box and freenas box. Both headless.

Anything else is bloat.

Refusing the w10 dic, what’s another option for muh games?

W7 still works fine and has driver support for now. Really until there’s a dx12 only game I see no reason to change.

This is a dumb install, does not need to update, no exposed ports, no web browsing except drivers, only used for games.

I’m thinking of ltsb/c whatever it is now, its a little less shit AFAIK from w10. Requires pico kms. As long as normal amd/nvidia drivers work I’m OK with this.

My only reservation and people will squelch over this is I will not let newer windows on my lan, so I’ll need to find a way around that apart from a physically changing cables to the DMZ vlan.

Any input?

Good luck getting lts versions to work with gaming.

Really 10 pro is fine with shutup10 and a gpo here and there.


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It gave me autism


My workload consists of running PuTTy or WinSCP or Mobaxterm, Firefux (Freeland, PornHub, YouTube, DDG asnwers to shit people pay me for that I’m supposed to know), some VMS apps to monitor customer systems, installing a game from Steam playing it for 30 minutes then uninstalling it, running Windows VPN client to manage customer LANs, Outlook, and Teams. So basically I need a good computer 5% of the time I’m using a computer

VLC for watching shows that I “found”

Tried in home streaming over Wi-Fi and confirmed my suspicions that I was wasting my time setting it up

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