Odd motherboard question.

So I recently bought an M.2 NVME drive from Microcenter.

Was a cheapo $40, 250gb drive. I recently used it in a borrowed rig whilst I was dog sitting, and I’m now HEAVILY convinced that it’s well worth nuking and reinstalling my OS onto this drive.

My motherboard has three m.2 slots.

My question is in regards to something in the instruction manual for the board. It states on page 31

(according to the PDF file, not the actual page numbers)

basically, if certain M.2 slots are occupied by a sata type device, then certain regular sata connectors will be disable as they use the same lanes.

Now this might be a dumb question, but does that mean that a non-sata device occupying that m.2 spot will not disable the sata slot? Or is it just badly worded and anything occupying that slot will disable the corresponding Sata slot?

Also, would it be best recommended to use the m.2 slot closest to the CPU? Not sure if that makes any kind of a measurable difference (somehow I doubt it).

Depends, NVMe might leave them enabled.

No, it goes through the PCH so it doesn’t matter.

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If you put anything in those ‘certain’ m.2 slots you will lose sata ports regardless.

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