One name to rule them all

Welcome to the poll that will decide the future of your lives.

You, the people, are gonna select a name for the thread currently known as The Freeland [New Lounge Order Edition]

For now consider this a one time gig, one vote, one name, til the end of days.

  • The Freeland
  • Smells so Fresh Here Edition
  • Lesser’s Bar and Grill
  • Something Something Pub
  • Ruby is the new Python.
  • Everything but the kitchen sink edition.
  • Linux should buy Microsoft edition.
  • Gaben bought Epic edition.
  • Huawei bought Trump edition.
  • Debonair and Sophisticated Social Club
  • No political discussion edition
  • Knights of The Round Table
  • Society of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  • I.D.I.O.T.S
  • Failure to communicate edition
  • Your opinion belongs on Facebook
  • Facebook
  • What is dead may never die
  • Racism Nationalism
  • Shitpost Central

0 voters

why ?

To avoid people changing votes based on what the current lead is.


I just wanted to fit in…

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they could just vote, then look, then change vote.

nevermind I’m actually retarded


Was waiting for that

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can we make it more than 3?

Poll will be open til 00:00 UTC 27th of May

I’m pretty sure changing it now will fuck up the poll

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Choose wisely…

I want 5 damnit

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Shit, I should of added Lounge Sans Frontières.

Too late now

Special offer, five minutes extra to cast your votes


is it because there is a tie?

Nope, just trying to make it exciting and get more votes :grimacing: