Operation cabin


This guy has it figured out.


On the topic of power storage

this is an interesting idea and I might build one of these. you dont necessarily need to put it in a portable enclosure. Certainly expensive but will deliver a lot of power and last a decent amount of time.

jehu is someone I forgot about. hes got some other options out there for batteries and info. Worth spending some time on his channel.

These batteries are neat too. looks like an optimum 6S configuration.


lily is p cool grill



Omg why you no tag me reeee

Because you’re not freetard cabin crew.


Okay but this amatuer radio setup hes got going to monitor his property is bad ass.

Also you dont knkw that. Ive not wanted a cabin but i do want a decentralized lab out on the boonies

lemme check it out

Holy shit

This is insane (but good)


Its just a bit too much for my tastes but hes got so much good there.

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my only problem with this is the non-unified UI, I’d try to use MQTT or something like that and connect everything together to some dashboard

Hopefully the guy has some measures to prevent damage during thunder storms. One lighting strike to that 30 foot mast and most of his electronics will be fried.

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well a lot of it is separate systems connected via wifi.

OP updated to include new stuff.


Ahh man this is getting me :eggplant: :sweat_drops:

I’m only just starting.


I might edit my reply to you as a plan of action.

Omg the guy really is awesome. . Nice

JS8call is really good for what it does. If he was at a significantly higher frequency he could do more data but thats great for mobile comms.

A cool thing would be a setup that can fit in a back pack while you walk and not be so affected by temp extremes

the windows dig was endearing

means worse propagation usually, right? so smaller range too.

more or less, assuming the same power output. the thing is different bands will mean different power limits.

So is operation cabin underway?