OPFOR Contingencty Plans Discussion


This is a place to discuss the future of this community, when the contingency happens.

Prior knowledge required:

And remember, no fighting in the War Room

Possibilities so far:

(bold ones, exist already)

  • Novasty’s mumble
  • Kewl’s discord
  • Adubs’es discord (pls confirm?)
  • L1T
  • birod’s steam group
  • birod’s mumble
  • gab
  • mastadoon
  • rocket chat
  • matrix
  • wire
  • telegram
  • new forum (be it discourse or otherwise)

Potential new forum software:


Pros Cons
We’re used to it laggy
okay UI vision
PMs bad mobile UI
File uploads


Pros Cons
Fast no PMs
Good UI needs 3rd party for real time update
Good UI on Mobile no out of the box image upload

@adubs feel free to move the posts

Join the steam group:

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If I were to run my own discourse instance I would want help on the back end. @BirdoBaggins @rgk would you help?

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am not the best with backend, what do you have in mind?

@Adubs I ask that you evaluate your position on it. It sounds like a good idea but it’s a ton of work. Discourse is a bitch because vision ™ and Ruby on rails.

That said I’m down to see it. You should try and make it secure. No trackers no nothing… Everything hidden off the google

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I could try to help.

Basically I’m probably good enough to get things going but if something breaks I dont know if I will be able to make any sense of it.

That brings up the question… do we even want discourse?

theres other shit out there like https://flarum.org/

discourse is shit and slow, but its the only devil I know for forum software. Never used PHPBB or anything else.
Which also raises the question, do we even want forum software.

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I’ll take PHP over Ruby any day

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thats why I suggested it, and it seems kinda similar layout.

PHP might be retarded, but it’s not Ruby

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mastodon would be cool but I feel like that would be in addition to, not replacing what we have now.

I deleted my acc a year ago or so

I’d be VERY willing to try flarum

I’m already on gab, i dont need another fedi account

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is gab FOSS btw?

its a fork of mastadon

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I am not as brave as you are…

Flarum is beta software . That means it still has some incomplete features and bugs :bug::beetle:, and at some point – sooner or later – it will probably break!

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we already have to deal with vision, so i dont know if theres a difference.

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