Please Read: Plans for Site

Hello everyone.

Upon further consideration and after some discussion with those of you that I reached out to or reached out to me, I’m going to change my mind. The site is going to remain open with some of the community members taking on systems administration duties.


Over the past month, I have been spending a lot of time thinking about what I should be focusing my time and energy on. As I went into pros and cons lists, goals, planning, and future endeavors, managing a forum was not on many of those lists. When it was, it was not necessarily on the side of me wanting to spend most of my time on.

There is a lot more that went into this decision, a lot of variables, things going on in my life, things I am becoming inspired by, and other ideas and interests I find myself rekindling. But at the end of the day, I think it would be best to shut the site down and continue the podcast in a more minimal form, such as a mailing list or comments extension.

I know that many of you have come here from either Level1Techs and Linus Tech Tips. @Adubs has created a Discord channel. @kewldude007 has an invite only channel that you can ask him about, I’m sure. @Novasty has a channel too, but I can’t recall the name of the platform right now.

The timing of this was never going to be good, but for me, sooner than later was the only option.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them here or send me a DM. I will make my e-mail available as well.

Effective December 1, 2019, this site will no longer be online.

Thank you for your time.



the discord will do though

@Novasty’s channel is on mumble

if he doesn’t have an issue the info could be posted here

Blast away, mumble and TeamSpeak are set to handle easily 500+ users, and can be configured with channel only permissions if people want.

And aside from one person, my friends usually keep to themselves on TS.


port: 64738

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I’m very sad

God bless. I prefer it in regards to voice. I know discord is better but ugh discord.

Is there no way for the forum to be handed off to someone else?


I had finally found a forum where I could freely post anything I wanted without backlash from mods, or overkill backlash from other users?

I could take up the reigns under my own domain but I don’t believe that’s really worth it. Discourse is a bit long in the tooth these days.

just be yourself anywhere … looking for acceptance is a losing sum game. Heck just be your normal self on L1T

I did that, ended up coming here because of a variety of reasons.

Not the least of which was the generaly over-hostility of The Lounge.

Its far toned down since the instatement of quarterlys. I can tolerate it again which is saying a lot

The other problem being the silencing of my particular political voice because one user couldn’t handle the fact that their party is made up of insane tyrants.

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join the new politics category. You wont be silenced in pol lounge

So they actually woke the fuck up and allowed a space for politics?

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yeah this isnt new at all anymore either

Logged in with Google and my Account is gone?

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Probably just make a new one … old stuff aint worth keeping

plus then its only us that know its you

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Please tell me your scrubbing this off the internet record though?

You likely disconnected it.

I deleted one account.

Don’t matter, made a new one. Dak_Scoggins.